John Wills

John Wills


Real Folk Blues


John Wills is a songwriter and musician from, and currently based in, Minneapolis. His influences extend from Leadbelly, Howlin’ Wolf, Tom Waits, Mississippi John Hurt, Bob Dylan and Muddy Waters among others, each highly respected due to his appreciation for unique musical compositions and passionate lyrical styles. As a self-taught and established acoustic guitar player for fifteen years, Wills put together “The Frank Booth Band” in 1995 and played the local and regional circuits until 1998. In 2002, Wills independently released his first solo album, “Sleepwalks and Criminals,” an anthology of compelling and vivacious prose backed with drums, steel guitar, mandolin and bass guitar. The album was recognized as his first attempt to formally promote himself as a professional musician. Wills successfully distributed the album to various radio stations around the country, advertised in NYC’s The Big Takeover music magazine, and in addition to touring venues throughout the Midwest, New York City and the South. “Sleepwalks and Criminals” received heavy airplay with several radio stations throughout Minnesota, Colorado, Oregon, Louisiana, North Carolina, and Alaska. Since then, Wills has played with the legendary Spider John Koerner of Koerner, Ray and Glover and headlined for Dan Bern, Alice Donut, and 7 Year Bitch. He has worked with TAXI, the leading independent music distribution company and has been a member of ASCAP (American Society of Composers, Authors, and Publishers) since 2003.


Sleepwalks and Criminals-02' Self released

Set List

Rift and the Lorry
Old Monroe
I was Wrong
Tanzania (Don't Run)
A Man Like That
Train to Heaven
Settle Down
How Long Blues
Judgement Day Blues
Love is Swift
Sparrow Song
East Hennepin
Homesick and River Flooded Blues
Sleepwalks and Criminals
Mlani Blues

1 hour to an hour and a half set