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No Exit Plan

Written By: John Wilson

You’re leaving tomorrow

And I’m going to stay

So give me your ear to borrow

I’ve got something to say

When the morning comes

And we have to part,

I hope you hold onto that spark.

Our love is like the war.

It’s got no exit plan.

And I don’t know what we’re fighting for

But I know we can win.

All I ask of you

Is to make the contrast stark,

And that you hold onto . . .

That spark that gets you up in the morning

That spark that keeps you up at night.

Hold on or consider this your warning:

No one will love you like I do.

So if you’re love don’t kill me

Then you’re leaving will.

And I will keep my company

With a bottle and a pill

And forget about that day

We rolled around Barnsdall Park

What happened . . .

Why couldn’t we hold onto that spark?