John Zito

John Zito


An eclectic blend of ethereal sounds of past blues and the future of rock music. Our cd is available at Zia Records in Las Vegas. Our new cd LIVE IN LAS VEGAS IS NOW AVAILABLE!


John Zito and Electric Church consists of John Zito on lead guitar and vocals, Chris Trusty on bass and harmonica, and Taylor Kelley on drums. In the spring of 2008, Zito reunited with Taylor Kelley, an accomplished drummer from Los Angeles, California. The two previously played together in a touring band called Road Kill Cafe. Zito's slide and dobro guitars give the band its unique sound, with the virtuosity of Jimi Hendrix, the soul of Johnny Winter and the raw energy of the Sex Pistols. Kelley's ferocious drumming brings a hard edge to the band. Trusty, the Kentucky born bass player, has the knack of bringing in the sweet sounds of the "harp". This killer combination seals the solid backbone of the trio, and gives them a gritty southern edge. Throw these rock and blues sounds in a blender, and you get John Zito and Electric Church.

The band has played locally and internationally, and has hosted local Blues and Rock nights. Currently they have a residence at the Sand Dollar Blues Lounge every Tuesday evening. The trio has performed several times at the House of Blues Acoustic Strip hosted by Michael Soli, Hard Rock Hotel inside Wasted Space and the Railhead inside Boulder Station. You can expect over 100 hardcore fans at their shows. They recorded a promotional cd at the Tone Factory in Las Vegas, produced by Vinnie Castaldo, which is now available at both Zia Record locations in Las Vegas, Nevada. The cd has been featured on Laurie Steele's Homegrown Show on Komp Radio. Their song "Rain" has also been featured in the 9/11 documentary "Ride on Brother".

Sally Steele, owner and publisher of Vegas Rocks Magazine, states that "I do want to mention the outstanding effort of JOHN ZITO and ELECTRIC CHURCH'S new CD. It is PHENOMENAL! It is very unique and professional, and it is my favorite local band's CD right now for being so different... (with) such a unique sound." Joe Brown, of the Las Vegas Sun, refers to Zito as "A Las Vegas blues and rock hero". John Zito and Electric Church are also featured in a 3 page article in Guitar Club Magazine from Milan, Italy written by Maurizio DePaola: "The blues as their philosophy of life, Jimi Hendrix as a source of inspiration and the guitar as a means to express the soul: this is John Zito and Electric Church".

John Zito and Electric Church's music is an art'form of an eclectic blend of ethereal sounds of the past and future of music.
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Written By: John Zito

Take a little walk across the edge of town
across the ground with this trembling heart in hand
blood painted sky's there to shelter me
with these silent trances in my burning soul
Lay me down low and
it ain't gonna rain no more
This daemon's day of madness that I can't resist
in need and bleeding cold in the dark
sanctify my body in this time of intemperance
through these bridges that are burnt beyond repair
Lay me down low and
it ain't gonna rain no more
burn me and lay my ashes where
the tide eludes time from this callous reality and
let it rain


Written By: John Zito

I'm hangin' on by a thread
just another lost weekend again
I can't seem to shake these demons
get myself realigned AMEN
another addlebrained mornin'
as I stagger through the afternoon
because each day's spent in a cold sweat
damn this drunken river
Don't look back my migrant wing set your soul free to fly...HIGH
I'm not getting by
Darkness follows the silence
as I drain the glass once again
quaint thoughts fade away
through the chamber of my condemned brain
beg forgiveness for my weakness
and see the better part of me
because each day's spent in a cold sweat
damn this drunken river
Don't look back my migrant wing set your soul free to fly...HIGH
I'm not getting by

Raise the Sky

Written By: John Zito

Raise the Sky

Life's dealt you some changes
better days to come around
dealin' with them changes
get your head up off the ground
blood life streamin' cross my hands
just one chance in life
to Raise the Sky
beyond it all
into the face of God
wasted days lost tomorrow's
nowhere to be found
just goin' through them changes
got to get it together now
blood life streamin' cross my hands
just one chance in life
got to Raise the Sky
beyond it all
into the face of God
you call yourself a friend of mine
well I beg to differ
draggin me down here once again
well you are you friend of mine
face shoved in this dirt and mud
put yourself up off the ground
respect yourself, brush off the dirt
and turn this, turn this shit around
("just because you can't see the sun from behind the clouds doesn't mean it isn't still shining")


Written By: John Zito

Plain bad luck like snakes in a dream
bones grew from shadows on stone
stuck on this fish hook in
this world of discord
Oh well tomorrow is gone
And I need something to numb my soul
Well now I've got worry like a knife in the back and I've forgotten what it is to be well
Just learning to get along for sometime
This mental masturbation's beyond me
Oh well I need something to numb my soul


John Zito, cd
John Zito and Electric church, cd
Radio airplay Komp, Las Vegas, Klbj, Austin, Texas, Klos, Los Angeles, California and hosted a local radio show in Phoenix, Arizona, AM1670, San Antonio, Texas and the Independent Music Network,

Set List

Dirt into Dust
Bama Bound
Love Divine
Soul Shine (Two Hands of a Prayer)
Raise the Sky
Pray for Rock n Roll
Dog House
A Day In The Life
Sweet Land of Liberty
Blues #1
Heel on the Shovel (instrumental)
When the Walls Come Down
Bottom Shelf
Game On

Cover Songs:
Waiting for the Bus, Jesus Just Left Chicago, ZZ Top
Baby Please Don't Go, Big Bill Brooney
Fire, Hey Joe, Jimi Hendrix
Break Song, Joe Perry Project
When the Levee Breaks, John Campbell version
Sin City by AC/DC
Bang a Gong by T Rex
Piece of my Heart by Janis Joplin
Phone call from Leavenworth by Chris Whitley
Reefer Headed Woman
Goin Down by Jeff Beck
Mother Popcorn by James Brown
Roadhouse Blues by the Doors
Hands to Yourself by Georgia Satellites
Can't you See Marshall Tucker Band
Inside Lookin Out by Grand Funk
Sun Spot Baby by Bob Seger
War Pigs by Black Sabbath
Death Letter by Son House
Grinnin' in Your Face by S