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Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

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Bratz shoots first music video
Scott Mckenzie, The Times
Published: Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Joie Bratz is in love.

At least, she is in her first music video that the Maple Ridge singer recorded last weekend for her song "I'm In Love."

The video, which was shot on Jericho Beach, Burnaby Mountain and in Port Moody, features Bratz, the female character in the video falling in love with a man early in their relationship.

"It captures all the fun and energetic moments as well as the awkward moments that two people go through when they're falling in love," said Bratz.

"I had such a great time...The crew working on the project was so professional and so much fun."

Bratz, who works as a care aide in Maple Ridge, hopes that she can quit her day job soon and become a full-time singer.

"I do find my job fulfilling," she said, "but my dream has always been to be a successful recording artist so I'm working towards that goal."

Daryl Aiken, Bratz's manager, said that he represents Joie because she is multi-talented in all facets of the entertainment world and i in a league of her own.

"She has such a passion for music that is inspiring but at the same time she is not willing to sell herself out for success," said Aiken.

Marc Salvas, who produced the music video for Bratz, was looking for an artist to work with, just as Joie was looking for a producer to work with.

"Our paths crossed and destiny took over," said Bratz. "He is my guardian angel."

Salvas, who has a French background, found Joie when he saw her name and realized that it was a French way of saying happiness.

According to Bratz, the video should be released in the next month or so, as it is still in the editing process.

Following the video, Bratz and company will be having a huge release party to celebrate.

Because of the business of the video, Bratz has had to postpone her next tour.

And, with another video possibly in the works, she may not be able to tour, even though it's something she loves doing.

"The fans are what makes this whole thing so satisfying," said Bratz. "I love singing and connecting with them, it's such a wonderful feeling."

Bratz moved to Maple Ridge five years ago and now calls it her hometown.

To listen to Bratz's music and for more information on her, visit her website at or at

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Video release for Joie Bratz
Published: September 30, 2008 6:00 PM

Maple Ridge singer Joie Bratz releases her first music video on Saturday.

The video for her song I’m in Love was shot on Jericho Beach, Burnaby Mountain and in Port Moody over summer..

Joie has taken time off from touring as a Shania Twain tribute artist and is currently laying down the tracks for her first album.

She had a taste of what it’s like singing all of her own material at The Merritt Mountain Music Festival and now she wants to taste some more.

“I have a lot of fun when I’m touring, it’s the biggest reward,” she said. “I can connect with the crowd through my own personal music and I can see that it affects them in the same way that it affects me. Music is a huge part of my life. It’s not just something I do, it’s who I am.”

• Watch I’m in Love on You Tube by visiting
- Maple Ridge News

“This is a professional presentation of the highest caliber."
- Bruce Macleod, President Whiskey Creek Music Festival
(Parksville, British Columbia)

“You are a very talented woman and you brought a lot of joy to a lot of people! I was scanning the crowd to see their reaction to your performance and it was very positive! I also talked to many people afterwards and got nothing but thumbs up! I certainly hope we can bring you back… "
P.S. "I loved your song Stupid Cupid!”
- Gary Ruissen, Chairman of Alberni District Fall Fair
(Port Alberni, British Columbia)

“Your show was awesome!!! You exceeded our expectations! It’s hard to believe the things smooth talking agents say but you are everything he said you are and more! We’d love to have you back!”
- Carla & Karri, Entertainment Coordinators for Grande Prairie’s Canada Day.
(Grande Prairie, Alberta)

“...Excellent Show!"
- Les Banga, Waterfront Press
(Southey, Alberta)

"Great Voice, Great Look, Great Show!"
- Warren Browne, Artist Management United Artist Productions Worldwide
(Winnipeg, Manitoba)

“Phenomenal Show! Fantastic original songs! Bubbly and bouncy!”
- Doug Howden, Management of Travelhome Vacations international Inc.
(Vancouver, British Columbia)

“…Your performance comes from the heart and it shows in the faces of your
audience, especially the kids who dance joyfully around you. Nice work!”
- Brian Kurlick, Audience
(Vancouver, British Columbia)

“Awesome! Awesome! Awesome!”
- Jo, Steph, Chrissy, Audience
(Williams Lake, British Columbia)

“We think we love you! Please advertise where you will be singing next so we don’t miss your performance.”
- Bill & James, Audience

“Joie creates a room full of energy that gets toes tapping and makes it impossible to sit still.”
- Clayton Anderson, Photographer
(Coquitlam, British Columbia)

“I could kick myself for not having a picture taken with you! I think you’re great!”
- Ernie Halushka, Audience
(Arran, Saskatchewan)
- Venues & Audience


I'm In Love
Stupid Cupid
My Valentine
You and Me
Joey (Dance Mix)



JOIE BRATZ (JO*EY), as she puts it, was born in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Raised in Winnipeg, Manitoba and rebelled in Vancouver, British Columbia. Being the child of an artistic family, Joie learned early on what she wanted to be when she grew up. “It just hit me one day!” “I was singing along to a record and I realized that I wanted to be a singer. I practiced everyday and eventually I got up enough nerve to perform at a local jam. I eventually got over my extreme case of stage fright and began to enjoy entertaining. I went from being a shy, insecure girl to a strong, confident performer. Now instead of getting stage fright before a show I’m full of energy and raring to go!”

It wasn’t long after that Joie started experimenting with writing. She asked her mom for a guitar and she wasted no time in developing her song writing skills. “I was so proud of the first song I ever wrote I guess because I actually did it. It was a pretty silly song but it fueled many more to come. I’m quite hard on myself so I’m always trying to get better and better at what I do. I think once you believe you are the best you can be, that’s when you lose your edge.” It’s hard to imagine that Joie has ever written anything silly judging by the songs she’s penned so far. But it’s typical of someone with her ambition to want to raise her game.

Having siblings so far apart in age, JB had many musical influences growing up. “The 80’s were a huge influence on me. All of it! Rock, Pop, Dance, Punk, Mod and even Country music. You can hear a lot of different genres of music in my songs. It’s like I’ve taken all of those influences, mixed them up in a martini shaker and it just works.” And works it does! Bratz music is a fresh new sound full of a playful energy that makes it impossible to sit still. She has the ability to bottle youthful enthusiasm into tidy, infectious songs. Not just by contributing her clever lyrics and contagious melodies, but by also being involved in all aspects of recording and mixing. “I love all aspects of the recording process. I find it fascinating that a raw little song relies so deeply on the production around it to be able to live up to it’s full potential. Every little nuance plays such an important role in the finished process.”

For the past several years Joie Bratz has been touring all over North America rockin’ out on every stage she could find. “I have a lot of fun when I’m touring, it’s the biggest reward. I can connect with the crowd through my own personal music and I can see that it affects them in the same way that it affects me. Music is a huge part of my life. It’s not just something I do, it’s who I am.”