Joint Damage

Joint Damage


A mixture of Rock music with Rap and Rock lyrics. A new sound to make your blood pump.


Joint Damage consist of different members from the local New england scene. The music is a mix of Metal, Hip-Hop, and Hardcore. the band is made up of Mike T, Chris"The Ballz" Dom, and Joey "Banger" along side Roy "Rasputin" Ewart and Justin "Junky J" Marcotte, who kicked the band up a knotch by bringing the vocals. Together, We are Joint Damage. Our influences are HeadPE, Five Finger Death Punch, Metallica


"Times When I Lied" will be featured on the compolition disk for Metal Edge Magazine in December 2008, Our album "Dislocated" will also be released in December.

Set List

Our set list usually consist of about 9 - 12 songs anywhere from 35 - 55 minutes long. Some songs on the set list include:
Crash and Burn
Times When I lied
Party Girl
Joint Damage
Oh Yes Its On
Pass The Blunt
1-800-Sucide (Cover from the Grave Diggers)