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This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music



This CD reminds me of American Football and a little of bands such as Cursive, Pinback, Q & Not U and Ben Folds even, without actually really sounding anything like any of them. I think that is what I like so much about this – I genuinely can’t just say that they sound like someone else and we all know how rare that is these days. Musically, the songs are intricate and these guys are clearly a bunch of very talented musicians: violin, cello, glockenspiel, piano and the more customary guitar, bass and drums are all represented here, along with some nice boy/girl harmonies. It almost sounds orchestral at times, at others it flys off into jazz territory but always maintaining that pop-edge, which is what makes this so instantly accessible. That is something that, for a band crafting such a unique sound, is essential. And they’ve done it.

June/July is the standout track; “and I play my guitar and I’ll write you a song” has been resonating in my head for weeks. It’s such a simple line but it is sang in such a way that you can’t help but want to sing-a-long yourself. Sleep For A Week is a close second – it almost seems like an epic case of storytelling, via song. That and I’m a sucker for hand-claps.

This is one of the most refreshing CDs I’ve had the pleasure of hearing in a long time. It is undoubtably going to be an excellent accompaniment to the forthcoming Summer months. That is not to say that it is overly upbeat, poppy or exuberant; it’s not stereotypical, sunny-weather music at all, but it is laid-back, relaxed and almost soothing, in a way that most indie-rock releases could only dream about. It’s a record to kick back to and let the sunshine and the music simply wash over you. It’s really very good, is what I’m trying to say. - Static Domain


From orchestral pop to modern jazz-funk to twee, this debut tries to cover a lot of ground. At first listen, it's too much. Luckily, the musicians are skilled, and the vocals are entrancing. It's far from perfect, but an enjoyable start. (MP)

Self-released, - Punk Planet (Issue 66)


Joiya - Sometimes Is And Kinda
Self-Released in July 2004


Feeling a bit camera shy


In late 2001, at the height of the underground Hardcore/Emo wave, JOIYA was formed as a much needed alternative. Guitarist/Songwriter Nolan Simon, Violinist/Pianist Cassandra Verras, Drummer Mike Hardin and Cellist Kaylan Mitchell set out to combine the melody and raw energy of their Indie/Emo roots with the innovative and experimental discipline of Classical and Jazz composition. Exploring influences ranging from Radiohead and Rilo Kiley to Dave Brubeck and John Zorn, JOIYA has been able to carve out a truly unique space for themselves among their peers. With the release of their first LP "Sometimes Is And Kinda" in July of 2004 and subsequent tours with angular rock up-and-comings Rescue (with whom they share a member), JOIYA has been drawing fans - hungry for something new and exciting - from all over the midwest. Word of mouth spreads fast these days, and JOIYA has seen their music reach as far as California and the UK by way of fans eager to spread the word. Something in their songs has captured the imaginations of many who've come into contact with these four remarkably talented young musicians.