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I'll Walk By Your Side

Written By: JoJo David

In the search for healing consolation,
the times I'm asked to pray.
I search the silence
and the tears
for something to say;
I've nothing to say.

I ask the angels for an answer;
I ask the soul within.
I touch the hands
of a friend
and a healing begins,
the healing begins.

We walk this road not alone but alive
we're left to survive together.
"You are my friends," says the Lord of the Light
"I'll walk by your side."

We come together asking questions;
we offer up a prayer.
We search for meaning
in the strife
and the quiet despair,
we look for you there.

God grant the faith to still believe,
to walk this road from our emptiness
to a healing peace. (chorus - 2X)


JoJo David and Adam Birnbaum - Small Hours (2004)
JoJo David - I'll Walk By Your Side (single)