Jokaa Deleon

Jokaa Deleon

 New Orleans, Louisiana, USA
SoloHip HopR&B

Makes quality soul hip hop and modern hip hop music


He was born in Algiers, New Orleans, and for most of his childhood he lived in a single parent household, including him and his older brother. At age 7 he was starting to involve himself into music. His mom used to sing to him as a child; and when asked about his favorite childhood moments he says "Every Sunday morning when his mother made breakfast and she would listen to q93 fm radio and listen to the Sunday Morning Slow Jam Segment . His mother had got into a relationship and the man was an immediate father figure in he and his brother's lives. Growing up in New Orleans he says its hard to do what you feel in your heart because of the lack of opportunities. Although he doesn't use it as an excuse, at the age of 9 his stepfather was gunned down in their home, Jokaa, his brother, and his mother were all held at gun point while inside their home. As he and his brother sat on the living room couch and watched his stepfather be assaulted. The men who invaded their house were looking for drugs and couldn't find it so they shot him, and he says " From then on it is what it is and I shouldn't be here so I am going to do all I can to make sure my family has to never experience anything like that again. Jokaa formally known as Kidd Jokaa and was also signed to KUSH ENT ( KUSH DVD YOUNG MONEY) he was released from his contract May 2014. He has worked with a various amount of artist with one well known international artist Chopper City from hit tv show "Making The Band". Jokaa recently moved to Austin Texas, to pursue his music career and he has been working with producers from all areas.



Written By: Jokaa Deleon

I've been countin' up them bands
Im paper cuttin up my hands
It was all in the plan
I thought I told you Im the man
I come from the grittiest city
most of these niggas fishy
when the jury deliver da verdict
niggas turn into Mickey
situation turnin sticky
suited up in dat Dickie
behind them walls
not knowin these streets gettin tricky
I grew up on pac soulja slim and 50
I watched em kill my pops
everyday dat sight wit me
on block duckin cops
niggas gettin hit like Ricky
my moms my daughter n my girl
the only things pretty
I had to get it off the street
cause nobody was hirin
n when I got the 9 to 5
my pay wasn't high enuff
lookin at my weeks pay
I see dat inna day
moms said its prolly best
baby boy need to pray
close to year later
I'm sittin on 100 bands
Neva had this kinda money
back then I didn't understand
fell off went broke
my decisions fuckin up the plans
sat back peeped it out
learned how to be a fuckin man