Atlanta, Georgia, USA
BandHip Hop

Sky High is the legacy,our sound is what we've got mixin all different elements of music hip hop, rock,asian elements and sounds as well as spanish we also combine a since of street and humor to reach out to all types of different consumers we intend to take this venture to the top and beyond


To be honest we influence each other yeah of course we have artist in the business we look up to however our sound is original and something never heard before.Im from Waco Texas 254 I moved to Ga when I was still just a child always been inspired ny everything that could give me a pssionate idea which is music and even film.I'm 23, I speak english and spanish and I am capable of composing songs in those languages as well as some korean and japanese.Whats sets up apart from everyone else is that my fellow band mates and myself know what its like street life if you will we have dealt with many different hard ships which makes us gritty and real at the same time humerous Northside Family Viccs,Bizzy,Joker


hater music- Viccs,Bizzy,Al p,Joker
time is money-Viccs,Bizzy,One blood
northside bounce-Viccs,Bizzy,Joker