Jokers Wild

Jokers Wild


Seldom will one find a band so dedicated, focused, and musically driven as Joker’s Wild. Four distinctly individual personalities have come together to create a unique style of rock, which ties together hard rock and blues to form a distinctly original sound.


Joker’s Wild has been destined to live and breathe the rock and roll lifestyle since their inception in 2008, and they won’t be stopping any time soon. Each member brings a different influence to the mix, from Led Zeppelin to Miles Davis, Dream Theater to Bob Dylan, allowing for a diverse palette of musical influences to draw from. Featuring Luke Steinmann, a fierce vocalist whose mature vocals are sure to blow away any audience; Joey Dall, a fiery guitarist whose classic rock licks could bring most guitarists to their knees; Lauchie Headrick, a bassist whose presence onstage can make a crowd tired just watching him; and Nico DeFrance, whose intensity behind the drums leaves all spectators awestruck, Joker’s Wild is sure to make a lasting impression which any audience isn’t soon to forget. Combining a high-energy live show, hard-hitting original music, and a wide variety of cover material, from the likes of Led Zeppelin, Radiohead, and The Beatles, Joker’s Wild is ready to take on any stage. Prepare to witness the rebirth of rock music. Prepare to witness... Joker’s Wild!


We currently have released a demo but have since written many more original tunes.
original music includes:
The Preacher
Sundown In The City
Carry On
Take Me Away
On The Run
For All That It's Worth

Set List

Typical Set list for a 45 minute show:
-Sundown In The City(original)
-Take Me Away(original)
-The Preacher(original)
-Dazed and Confused(cover)
-For All That It's Worth(original)
* We have a lot of original music that isn't on this list, and a lot of covers that aren't either.