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Burbank, California, United States

Burbank, California, United States
Band Comedy World


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



"Cal State Long Beach Letter"

Thank you so much for participating in CSULB’s Fall 2004 Odyssey Theme-Year Project, “The Process: Creativity Reviled and Revealed.” Your significant contribution as a coordinator of “Jokeyoke” and the freestyle stand-up comedy event, which followed, was greatly appreciated.

Comedy Week was quite successful, due in large part to your participation and generosity. What a thrill for CSULB students to have the opportunity to perform and compete at your comedy club in Pasadena! Providing us with talent for the various comedy workshops and other events were experienced not only by the Odyssey students, but also by CSULB students from various other departments and disciplines.

I wish you continued success in your field. Again, thank you for participating in the Odyssey Theme-Year Project. I truly enjoyed meeting you and hosting your visit to CSULB. I look forward to future collaborations.

Rachel Brophy
Student Programs Coordinator
Odyssey Theme-Year Project
California State University, Long Beach

"What Audience Members Are Saying"

"Wow I've always wanted to get up on stage and tell some joke, but didn't know where to start, this show made it all safe and easy and it was a lot of fun."
Julie Cash, Coffee Gallery June 2008

"I was so scared at first but Justin made it all seem so fun and easy! I want to get up again- I've giot the bug!" Jenny Hauge- Cal State Long Beach Student

- Various


All the jokes are Public Domain and are listed in our joke books by categories and Number:
Such as Dumb Law Joke, Blonde Jokes, Marriage Jokes, Etc...

You're a lawyer if
You Might Be A Lawyer If....
You are charging someone for reading these jokes.
The shortest sentence you have ever written was more than eighty words long.
You have a daughter named Sue and a son named Bill.
Your other car is a BMW.
When you look in a mirror, you see a lawyer.
When your wife says "I love you," you cross-examine her.

Advice from lawyers
George and Lenny decide to cross North America in a hot air balloon. However, neither were particularly experienced balloonists, and Lenny's mind quickly drifted from navigation to thoughts of how clouds look like cuddly little bunny rabbits. Upon realizing that they were lost, George declared, "Lenny -- we are going to have to lose some altitude so we can figure out where we are."

George lets some hot air out of the balloon, which slowly descended below the clouds, but he still couldn't tell where they were. Far below, they could see a man on the ground. George lowered the balloon, to ask the man their location.

When they were low enough, George called down to the man, "Hey, can you tell us where we are?" The man on the ground yelledback, "You're in a balloon, about 100 feet up in the air."

George Called down to the man, "You must be a lawyer." "Gee, George," Lenny replied, "How can you tell?" George answered, "Because the advice he gave us is 100% accurate, and is completely useless".

The man called back up to the balloon, "You must be a client." George yelled back, "Why do you say that?" "Well," the man replied, "you don't know where you are, or where you are going. You got into your predicament through a lack of planning, and could have avoided it by asking for help before you acted. You expect me to provide an instant remedy. The fact is you are in the exact same position you were in before we met, but now it is somehow my fault."




Just sit back, listen and Laugh! We take care of everything! Every show comes complete with a professional Comedian/Emcee and all the equipment needed for the show. The Comedian/Emcee will perform about 15 Minutes of Stand Up Comedy at the Beginning of the show to warm-up the crowd, during that time the audience has been browsing through our Public Domain Joke Books and picking out their favorite jokes from categories such as Blonde Jokes, Dumb Law Jokes, Lawyer Jokes etc. Potential Audience members/participants sign up on a list; pick a joke number from our books or just choose grab bag and we'll pick a joke for you! Then it’s time for the funny-funny! Our hilarious Emcee calls up participants in the order of the sign in sheet and watch them go- The audience/participants are performing comedy right before your very eyes. They are reading and perform their favorite jokes right from our teleprompter live onstage! Each participant will perform approximately 1-2 minutes of comedy. After everyone has performed the Emcee will conduct an audience “winner by applause” vote and participants will win cash and prizes!


So now you’ve just had the comedy set of your life- And I bet you’ll want a copy to show all your friends! Well we take care of that too! We ask all our performers to sign a video release and every performance is videotaped. We offer copies of your show for only $25.00. Audience members can take home a performance of their show on DVD or for those World Travelers who don’t want to add any more baggae to their trip- they can simply download a copy of it securely from our FTP site- it’s easy we’ll show you how. Videos are available within 24 hours of the show!