Joplin, Missouri, USA

Joliet is a Christian Metalcore/Hardcore band based out of Joplin, Missouri. The band is currently signed to Red Cord Records, a Christian label based out of Rockford, Illinois. Joliet is known for their heavy sound mixed with their catchy choruses. They are recording a full length CD summer 2011.


When Joliet originated in 2007, it was an indie rock band hailing from Joplin, Missouri. Multiple member changes, trials, tribulations, and triumphs, however, formed the band into what it is today. Joliet has moved from their former indie rock sound to their current metalcore meets hardcore sound heard today. Despite the change in sound, the band's vision remains the same. All the members in the band agree that there is a purpose to what they do. A higher calling. This band wants to make a difference, but also just hang out with everyone at their shows and have a good time. With the band's recent signing to Red Cord Records based out of Rockford, Illinois, big things are coming from these guys soon. Joliet's first full-length CD will be recorded and released this summer. 2011 promises to be the most exciting year for Joliet yet.


December 17th, 2010 - Self Titled EP released independently.

February 2011 - New Single will be released on Red Cord Records.

Summer 2011 - Full Length LP will be released on Red Cord Records.

Set List

We have currently been playing a six song set with an encore if necessary on our recent tours.

1. Untitled New Song (2:00)
2. Wisdom For The Wise (2:17)
3. All We Are Is Shadows And Dust (2:56)
4. Jeremiah's Complaint (3:30)
5. A Voice In The Night (3:49)
6. Full Of Mockery, One Falls Short (3:23)

Encore: Turn The Mirror (3:02)

It is a fast moving set, designed to keep the crowd interested and involved.