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"Song: Comin’ Around"

Best ranking:
• #32 of 526 in Folk/Country on 19Jun2004

Track Of Day: 28May2004

Outstanding guitar playing. Outstanding vocalist good harmo
Want it or not I have more comments. Overall, this is the best song I have reviewed! Whoever is playing the guitar is really excellent. It gives the song a wonderful up tempo that people will love. Keep the guitarist. The vocalist is also outstanding. She sings with emotion and a clarity that's hard to find. There is also outstanding harmonizing in the song which just makes the song better. Whoever arranged the song did a wonderful job. Keep the singer. Now for the best part of my comments. The lyrics are more than outstanding. Verse lyrics lead into the wonderful hook, I'm coming around. All of the lyrics speak to turning negatives in this woman's live into positives, I'm coming around. The lyricist takes full advantage of the hook, I'm coming around, throughout the whole song which adds to the song's commercial value. This makes the song easily identifiable and easy for the listeners to sing along as it is playing on the radio. This is a well written song. Good luck to you in all facets of your career.
Reviewed by: ETCBand from Henderson, North Carolina

Funky Country
Laid back funky county, sassy and sharp. Tight weaves between the instrumental voices, with an oh so appropriate lead break. Genre bender, with a new twist on a standard country sandwich.
Reviewed by: ArthurDavenport from Hilo, Hawaii

"Song: Natural Girl"

Best ranking:
• #66 of 514 in Folk/Country on 5Jun2004

Track Of Day: 3Jun2004

Nothing "fake" here!
Right off I liked the energy and attitude! think a lot of women could relate to this song! Bet a few men would have a few smug looks too!

Vocalist is dynamite, great tone, pitch, attitude and range-nice performance!
Lead guitarist is putting in two cents as well-on the money!
Well produced and packaged!

Your lyric: "I'm a straight up down home natural girl"
I could almost imagine a product like Noxema using your chorus for one of their commercials! :-)

Follow your dreams!
Reviewed by: C_Kirkpatrick from Wichita, Kansas

Straight up Natural Two Stepper...
Boogie on down..with a little shuffle and just the right amount of shimmy...and the guitar man say wownt,wownt,wowwww.....Great tune..wish I wrote it...Tight vocal with the right amount of production and a very confident performance by all...No bogus critique here , Fits in with my local rotation station like a gas station glove...Have fun spending all the money you are going to make !

Extra Credit: Female Vocals, Guitars, Lyrics, Melody, Mood.

- JoshChristian
Manlius, New Yor -


"Boys and Girls" Longview Records (1978) LP
"Take Us In" Independent release (1986) Single
"Twisted Christmas" Critique (1987) LP
"Natural Girl" Independent release (2003) LP



Jo List
I think of myself as a musician, not a “singer”. I hear music in my head and all around me, and my voice allows me to express what I feel and hear. I taught myself how to play the piano and guitar, with help from folks who knew something about the instruments. And I was given a great boost in my technical understanding, and familiarity with my instrument, from chorus directors in school. I thank the parents of all my friends who paid their kids’ tuitions in music school - these guys have helped me learn a lot about reading charts and understanding the language of music. But mostly I learned by the seat of my pants on stage or in the studio.

When I was in nursery school (it’s called Pre-K now), the teacher organized a little milk and cookies thing with our moms on the day before everyone went on Christmas vacation. She asked if anyone would like to sing a song after we all got settled in around the piano. Apparently, what she was asking was if we’d ALL like to sing some of the songs we had learned. But, I guess I just jumped right up and did a swell Broadway rendition of Jingle Bells all by myself, complete with a big rave-up ending, a la Ethel Merman - although I had not ever seen or heard of her or any other singers, aside from the soloist at the Unitarian Church, up to that point in my four years of this present incarnation. So, when someone asks me when I decided to become a singer, I tell them I have never decided to be a singer. I just am.

Same thing with the writing - I never said to myself “I’d like to be a songwriter someday”. It just seemed, from the very earliest times in my life, that writing about how I was feeling or what I was thinking, whether it was good, bad or anywhere in between, was what I had to do. And because of the musical nature of my universe... well, you get the idea.

I’ve been in many bands, starting in 1965 to the present, although I did a few girl-with-guitar coffeehouse appearances and odds and ends before that. With very few exceptions, my bandmates have been absolutely stellar. My favorite bands through the years have been the Crazy Anna Zoo, one of my first - folk rock with a good smattering of originals; Zonkaraz - folk/rock/blues and completely original stuff with the exception of an Elmore James tune and our rendition of “Over the Rainbow”; the Trailers - a sort of country/jazz/blues thing with a good array of originals; and the Joeys - a fantastic eight-piece R&B band where we covered the really classic R&B and blues masters like Anne Peebles, Syl Johnson and the like. Since moving to Florida, I’ve begun exploring the world of jazz, and I’m currently working with some fantastic jazz cats every week at a great place in Naples.

I’ve done a lot of session work, and that is a whole other ball of wax. This is where my instrument becomes more important than my feelings. It’s an incredible way to discipline myself, especially when the style and treatment of the music is totally someone else’s call. You learn humility real fast when you put yourself in that situation over and over again.

I’ve had many offers to go the “pop star” route, beginning with a very famous starmaker, whose name I will not drop here, when I was about 19 years old. I turned it, and several subsequent offers, down over the years, much to the consternation of my closest and most trusted family and friends. There have been moments when I wondered if I had chosen the right path for myself, especially if I’ve been in a particularly unsatisfying gig situation. But, I know myself very well and, I think for the most part, the journey I am on is showing me things I need to see, and teaching me things I need to learn.

Lately, I’ve can’t get enough of Guster - my newest passion. Although I realize they are not new to the scene, they’re new to me and my best buddies. We’re diggin’ them big time. The Guster on Ice DVD was the clincher. I really love so many different types of music... I don’t want to start listing them all out because I’ll forget someone and have to constantly edit this one section for the rest of my life, so... Just wanted to mention what I was lately grooving to.

I have been married for more than half of this life to an alien who goes by the name of Markle Sparkle when he’s doing alien things. We have two daughters who are sort of half-Earthling and half-alien. I have a great family comprised of DNA-linked and purely fabricated relatives, and we mainly just go through our little things and our big things and sometimes the lessons are evident right away and sometimes we just do the same stupid stuff over and over until the light goes on. Pretty normal in its quirkiness, eh?

When I’m not singing, or doing music related things, I like to read. Haven Kimmell and Barbara Kingsolver are two of my favorites, although of course there are GAZILLIONS of writers whom I’ve read and love to pieces. I occasionally write articles for a little independent newspaper called the Is