Jolyon Briggs

Jolyon Briggs


Jolyon is a 21yr old singer/songwriter, he and his funky 5 piece band have assembled a unique collection of songs. A cruisy blend of funk/pop with a touch of jazz and soulful vocals. The Jolyon Briggs Band has gaining momentum and receiving rave reviews for their live shows.


Music is in Jolyon’s genes; He draws great inspiration from some of the best ‘Piano Men’ of modern times, Billy Joel, Harry Connick Jr, Paul McCartney, John Lennon and Stevie Wonder, and others. His style remains uniquely ‘Jolyon’: a gifted tunesmith who writes strong, punchy lyrics that touch on a range of political, social and personal issues. His hooks, melodies and catch cries get you singing along and his passionate delivery draws you in and takes you for an exciting and provocative ride.
Supporting and playing for other artists over the past 4 years Jolyon’s musical
dexterity grew steadily and he quickly became no stranger to the stage. With work for Afro Moses, Ultra Swing Lounge, Studio4 and various blues, stage and cover bands. His work has taken him across the country from “The Extreme Games” on the Gold Coast, The Basement in Sydney, to national band championships in Tasmania, Adelaide and everywhere in-between. After being a finalist in Newcastle ABC Music awards in 05 and being a finalist in MATS junior songwriter awards the previous year, Jolyon began to pursue his own ability as a band leader and song writer.
The Jolyon Briggs Band has gaining momentum and receiving rave reviews for their live shows.
“This guy could give Ben Folds a run for his money”
Grant Walmsley of The Screaming Jets


Short of the Line

Written By: Jolyon Briggs

(Verse1)If I could wash my hands of all my plans,
stop digging and put the shovel down,
jump out of the grave and bounce out of town
If I could stand and watch my life go by, just groovin along saying nothings wrong, I'm moving up but i'm sliding down.
(Chorus)If what I'm sayings true maybe it's time for something new but I've fallen, fallen, fallen short of the line.
(Verse2) Cause the holes just getting deeper and life aint' getting cheaper, you seem to hit the wall, hit it harder and faster or climb it and fall

Never Stay the Night

Written By: Jolyon Briggs

(Verse1)Time after time you come around,
Looking out for loving baby on my leather lounge. After a while the sun is lost, pack up your bags and add up the cost.
(Chorus)When that feeling comes, when you have to run you'll always have the closing line you know you'll never stay the night.
So lets walk the line and take what we've found, turn into loving baby on your leather lounge. I'll crack a smile, you'll turn your head pack up your bags and head home for bed.


Debut EP still in production stages

Set List

Fool Outta You
Deep End
Never Stay The Night
Hollywood Dreams
Live It Up
Free Spirit
Falling On Deaf Ears
Race To Be Human
Short Of The Line
Give It Up