Jom Comyn

Jom Comyn

 Edmonton, Alberta, CAN

The songs of Jom Comyn are electric lullabies to accompany a lonely walk home. Marked by a baritone vocal delivery often compared to Bill Callahan or Lee Hazelwood, his minimal compositions are recognizably distinct for their use of novel chord structures and oblique lyrics.


Jim Cuming is a songwriter and multi-instrumentalist based in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Under the stage name Jom Comyn, he has been slowly drawing attention across Canada with a string of intimate solo performances consisting of a reverb-soaked electric guitar and a distinct baritone singing voice. His latest release, In the Dark on 99, has drawn attention on blogs across Canada and beyond, charting on campus stations all across Canada. Jom Comyn has opened for artists as diverse as Slates, Jennifer Castle, Eamon McGrath, Sean Nicholas Savage, and most recently, Elliot Brood at the 2014 Sled Island Festival. Jom Comyn will be performing at this year's Pop Montreal Festival. 


Wish Upon a Storm

Written By: Jim Cuming

When you wait for the perfect storm
The kind you used to dream for, before when you were young
Somewhere in your mind, blowing in a gust
Wear it if you must but drop it when you’re done
So as you leave your room, as you bundle up
Weaker than a candle an hour before the dawn
Blowing from a dream, storming in your skull
What you thought was dull and empty was trying to make you full
Older than you know

The night is shorter than it was only two nights ago
And I am older than I have ever been before
Like every sweater you have ever worn
When you wish upon a storm

As I walk to my perfect home
Shivering to the bone and glad to be alone
In my little place, in my little head
I could just as well be dead, I could not be here at all
So as you sober up, make order in this gale
An order sent from heaven, from a coma to a cell
Storming from a dream, a dream that you were born
A figment of a sweater that you pray for when it’s torn
When you wish upon a storm

The night is colder than it was only two nights ago
And I am older than I have ever been before
A waking instant that you were born
When you wish upon a

The night is winding down
And I am holding on to a sound
As loud as the freezing, completely unrelenting
The moment when it’s ending, the moment you were born
When you stumble on, when you wish upon a storm