A new male rocker who combines legendary influences with a new style making it unique. Tristan writes and composes everything straight from the heart and mind, creating song with depth and personality. Once you have seen and heard Tristan, you will be assured that he was born a star.


Tristan started playing the piano at an early age and whenever he came across struggles he turned to music to heel him from his pain and chase away his dark demons, it is through the music he “can turn this destructive force into something creative”.

If you ask Tristan to define himself he says he is “someone who is driven by his dreams and dedicated to his craft, his gift or perhaps his curse. Someone who is slowly becoming who he was born to be” and it is hard to argue with that once you have heard this incredible talent.

Due to the long wait and work that lays as ground for Tristans album, he has managed to weld together different styles within rock, with influences from Nirvana and The White Stripes to Muse and Mick Jagger.


A Darker Side of Me (single)-radio airplay
Army in Black (single)-radio airplay

Set List

Mostly Tristans performance sets are 30 minutes, but they can easily be shortened or lengthened to suit the venues.