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Jomo's music is a retrospective look of his personal life during a certain period in his life. Although Jomo disagrees FANS say he favors 2 PAC.


About JOMO (Jomo-N-Keys Entertainment):
Co-Owner of Jomo-N-Keys Entertainment LLC. The company is located out of Atlantic City, NJ. The company consists of:
Jomo-Artist, writer, Producer
WhiteKeys- Artist,writer,Producer, Beatmaker

Jomo-N-Keys Entertainment released Jomo's debut album in 2003 titled "America's Playground". Jomo-N-Keys released 2 mixtapes in the local area, then went on to release the Single/Ep from album titled "What I Want" in which the song chart on many radio charts.

Jomo has had his song “What I Want” licensed for video game TECK DECK LIVE, FRONTLIER FILMS, ON THE THROTTLE TV, LG PICTURES, independent film “800 Pound Gorilla”(a John Paxton Film), “Inspector Imtiaz: The Call Within” (a Sadar Khan film), UNDERGROUND PRODUCTIONS, TV SHOW “The Extent” as well as many other projects. Jomo has also played small roles in 2 of John Paxton films including the aforementioned “800 Pound Gorilla”. It has just recently been licensed for use in the reality series “Life of A Dyme” and new Brent Ford Snowboard Film.

Jomo is from Atlantic City, NJ. Graduated from Atlantic City Highschool and played Basketball at North Carolina Central University while earning his BBA/Finance. Jomo is currently a Firefigher in AC and as aforementioned Co-owner of Jomo-N-Keys Entertainment LLC,.


What I Want

Written By: Jomo Lyles-Belton, William Harding

What I Want

Mo if a feen for a whole lot of things,
Everything I wanna cop, I only seen in my dreams
Everything i wanna cop seem to surpass my means,
I may as well hustle and distribute some samples to feens,
Money i want the green man I want the cream
What I Want, is to live lavourisly,
I stay in some cheeks you know I be menagin these freaks
I tap it from the back that way I get in deep
What I Want, is some prosperity
Ya heard me I want a crib nig wit all of my peeps
I wanna porsch another cruiser and a couple of jeeps
I wanna trip out to Belize and smoke a few trees,
I want a female that's not scared to get on them knees
I wanna take a abscence of leave, absolutely
From the work piece and think about selling that D
A couple of trees, the ready rock and esctasy P

What I Want, Son is to get my cash,
What I Want, Money is not to live in the past,
What I Want, Cousin is to rule the world,
What IWant, For once is to trust my girl

I need me the dough and the cash, cause I'm buildin my stash,
I know I'm repeatin myself the only way I'mma last
I wanna live that life that I see on TV,
Fly down to Orlando and chill under palm trees

And holla at shorties in thongs wit fatties,
Spend about 3 Gs dog in lest than a week,
Fly 1st class money wit the window seat
Wit all of my peeps, eat whatever we wanna eat.

I want my mom and pop dukes cous to live their life,
I want em' trust in Christ cause homebody's aight
He'll protect your sould dad so don't put up a fight,
And mom hit church on Sunday plus Wednesday night(MO)

Yeah I'm religious you I trust in God,
I don't do everything right, but I'm trying hard,
What I Want, is for You to take me in as your son,
And Your last day You look at me and say ,"Well Done!"

Chorus 2X

What I Want, is a crib filled with guns,
Fill em' up with Jerichos and revolvers son,
What I Want, is to regulate my funds
Livin off my interest after stackin them ones

I wanna invest my cream so i can live my dream
I wanna, hook up my shorty wit diamonds and rings,
I wanna, get in this rap game so em' my skillz man,
I was born in the dirty south but move to the beach sands

I want the chedder so I can live better,
Fuc* packin Berettas you still poppin shi* then whatever,
Don't make me go an sever your arms and sell all your leathers,
After i rob yo monkey as* includin your cellar,

What I Want, is for niggs to stop poppin shi*
About who I sound like, money sound this dic*,
Sayin, "You rap like dude you sound like he, you rap like b"
Nigga I sound like me.

(Chorus) 2x


"America's Playground Lp"- JOMO
"What I Want Ep"- JOMO
"The Kill: 1st Batch" Mixtape- Jomo-N-Keys Entertainment LLC,
"The Kill: The Re-Up"- Jomo-N-Keys Entertainment LLC, is a one stop Shop for all our music, ringtones, videos, clothing, streaming, licensing and purchasing music.

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