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This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music


"Performance at Alvin's in Detroit"

Perhaps the best stage presence came from the band Jonah--performing like rock stars--not in the pretentious "look at me" way--but in the "let’s all have fun" way-- with good music to back it up.
- Emergenza Magazine

"Review of Merciless Morning"

Absolutely stunning... A breath of fresh air!!

We all go through those periods when we look at our entire CD collection and say "YUCK!". After that we say a silent prayer to the CD god to send us a new album to renew our faith in music. Jonah Brockman's MERCILESS MORNING hits the spot! You'll be listening to his inner heart with every track. God bless this guy's parents. They did a wonderful job! As a songwriter, Jonah has a very unique perspective. it's a hybrid or worldly wisdom and childlike innocence. It's as though he's experiencing everything he's writing about for the first time and he's thrilled with the new discoveries. The consistency is pretty solid too. Each track is well polished and beautifully worded. His sound is that of shimmering pop, without the computers. His melodies are graceful and catchy as all get out. His voice has a similar timbre as Dave Matthews but (with all due respect) his falsetto is far better. There's a clarity in John's voice that I don't experience in Dave's either. The tones are both fun and reflective. Great album to clean your house to on a Saturday! By buying this album you're basically purchasing the diary of a bright young man looking at the world through newly acquired adult eyes. It's positively enchanting. - CD Baby Review


"Merciless Morning" November Records (2005)
"Streets Swept Clean" self-released (2001)


Feeling a bit camera shy


Thumbing through your CDs you're trying to find something that's good for your head and good for your feet: tempo and intelligence. You're sick of all the whine, drone and thump so here's someone with a sound that will snap your neck around in a whole new direction. Stylistically unique, rhythmically compelling and lyrically profound; Jonah Brockman's passion and artistry produce an exciting musical adventure.

What shapes a musical revolution? Jonah comes from your standard "musical family". His Dad was a singer song-writer, his mother helped Jonah at the piano from the time he could sit on the stool and reach the keys and his sister, also an early musician, offered harmonies and accompaniment and later became a writer-musician in her own right.

He started adding instruments. As a teen he had a six-year gig as a drummer for a successful regional band with Chris Doliber, founding member of the metal band Madam X. He was also involved in several regional projects in Michigan and Canada playing a variety of instruments and arranging and producing in several musical genres.

Jonah eventually quit his role as a band-member to embark on his solo career. "Being in a group, I was in a place where I was only able to express a small part of all I wanted to do" Jonah says of his decision. Jonah quickly finished work writing, producing, and performing all the instruments on his demo album titled "Streets Swept Clean" in 2001.

Jonah also collaborated as producer, writer, or musician with several up and coming artists including Canadian folk-jazz artist Lise White, Detroit's Kompetitor and Modest, and rock guitar sensation Steve Parish.

Highly sought after by various production companies, Jonah signed to November Entertainment in April 2003. Since then, he has worked to chart his arrival to the music world...writing, producing and recording his debut album on November Records, Merciless Morning. Jonah has also been involved in the production and arrangement of several songs and compositions for rising stars delvin and Sasha.

Jonah has recently enlisted the help of 4 veteran Michigan-based musicians to help bring his recorded songs to life. The band brings a whole new dimension to Jonah's music. Phil Adagio of Emergenza Magazine says the band performs "like rock stars--not in the pretentious "look at me" way--but in the "let’s all have fun" way-- with good music to back it up.

Creations from Jonah's album, Merciless Morning, show signs of both a critical and commercial monster. From the luminous "Last Trip" to the vibrant "Merciless Morning", Jonah's debut album guarantees him a place in music history.