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"Magic Stick Show Review"

[Jonah and his band] performed like rock stars—not in the pretentious “look at me” way—but in the “let’s all have fun” way—
with good music to
back it up.”

—Phil Adagio
- Emergenza Magazine

"Tendance Review"

...equally fresh and suprising is the music of Jonah Brockman. Jonah comes from Michigan (a recent musical hotspot!) and you can here the Midwest in his songs. With warm melodies, earthy textures and lyrics that reach beyond “I love you baby”, Jonah’s debut album Merciless Morning is a real pleaser. Think Jack Johnson meets Butch Walker meets John Mayer. Jonah writes and plays all the instruments on his album but he’s backed by an outstanding band when he plays live–his show is a must-see . Highlights from his album are “Merciless Morning” and “Mary”. - Tendance Magazine

"D-Town Review"

O.K. I've been meaning to catch this guy's show again for some time. I'd seen him play the Magic Stick in Detroit a year ago with his full band and he rocked the house. The problem then, though, was that the band was great and so was the album (Merciless Morning - Nov 8 Recordings) but neither accurately reflected the other. Jonah's album had a depth and warmth that was somewhat lost in an all-out-rock setting. So I was quite pleased last weekend to see Jonah take the stage with just his acoustic guitar accompanied by a drummer and bass player. Don't get the wrong idea - this wasn't some sappy singer/songwriter love-in - these guys rocked - but Jonah's masterful songwriting was more effectively showcased in this stripped-down version of the band. And we've all seen good bands who blast out with 1 or 2 good songs and then the rest of the set is filler - different versions of the first 2 songs. Not Jonah - eclectic, but not schizophrenic, there's a common thread in his music but the end of each song has you excited to see what's next. Performance-wise, Brockman has obviously put several hundred miles on his voice since when I last saw him. Still pleasing but with much more power - sweet but with a nice rasp, this voice moved me! He was backed by a solid and tasteful bass player and a great female drummer. A nice tight combo. You gotta see this guy next time he's in town. See for show dates. - D-Town Review

"CDBaby Review"

We all go through those periods when we look at our entire CD collection and say "YUCK!". After that we say a silent prayer to the CD god to send us a new album to renew our faith in music. Jonah Brockman's MERCILESS MORNING hits the spot! You'll be listening to his inner heart with every track. God bless this guy's parents. They did a wonderful job! As a songwriter, Jonah has a very unique perspective. It's a hybrid or worldly wisdom and childlike innocence. It's as though he's experiencing everything he's writing about for the first time and he's thrilled with the new discoveries. The consistency is pretty solid too. Each track is well polished and beautifully worded. His sound is that of shimmering pop, without the computers. His melodies are graceful and catchy as all get out. His voice has a similar timbre as Dave Matthews but (with all due respect) his falsetto is far better. There's a clarity in Jonah's voice that I don't experience in Dave's either. The tones are both fun and reflective. Great album to clean your house to on a Saturday! By buying this album you're basically purchasing the diary of a bright young man looking at the world through newly acquired adult eyes. It's positively enchanting - CDBaby

"Ian Foulds Review"

The guy has got an excellent voice – a really really beautiful voice and acoustic guitar. He’s out of Michigan over in the U.S. I really recommend you go out and buy the album.

- Unsigned Rock Podcast

"Best of Bands Review of Mary"

Just listening to 'Mary'! I especially love the guitar intro. Haunting!
This is going to be stuck in my head all day now

Tyler (VP - Best of Bands, LLC) - Best of Bands

"Jason Mapes Review"

In a world of the Dave Matthews clones, Jonah Brockman is a welcomed breath of fresh air. His blend of pop and acoustic rock is familiar enough to make you feel comfortable yet unique enough to stand out from the rest!

-Jason Mapes (Arbitron's 2007 Top Rated Afternoon Drive Host YES-FM, WYSS Sault Ste Marie, MI)

"EMFP Review"

It's very good stuff - great material and great music, a well rounded sound of a master craftsman delivering a whole world of sonic joy. . .whether the song is melancholy and sad, or snappy and fun. . the images Jonah's music create will endure the tests of time. Maybe "musicians" out there now, could take a few lesson's from Jonah.


"Justine Blazer quote"

Jonah Brockman is a magnificent artist! He can play everything from drums, piano, bass, guitar, sings, writes and produces. Truly a one of a kind talent that is rare these days.

-Justine Blazer (Recording Artist - La Blaze Records
- La Blaze Entertainment


Streets Swept Clean (WoodMallet Records)
Merciless Morning (November 8 Recordings)
Singles with airplay: "Merciless Morning" and "Mary"



Thumbing through your CDs, you’re trying to find something that’s good for your head and good for your feet: intelligence, rhythm and melody. You’re tired of the whine, drone, and thump - you need something to snap your head around in a whole new direction.

Stylistically unique, musically compelling, and lyrically engaging; Jonah Brockman’s passion and artistry provide an exciting musical adventure.

Jonah began his professional music career with a 6-year gig as drummer for a regionally successful band featuring Chris Doliber (Madam X). This soon lead to several projects throughout the country as a musician and producer.

Jonah eventually left his role as band member to embark on a solo career. In 2001, he quickly finished writing, arranging, and playing all the instruments on his self-released album Streets Swept Clean.

This album caught the keen ears of Carl N’Watts, founder and CEO of the November Entertainment Group in Washington DC and Jonah was hired as a writer and producer for some of November’s rising stars. Realizing Jonah’s potential, November quickly signed Jonah as a solo artist and released his album Merciless Morning in 2005.

Since then, he’s been seen performing around the country with his acoustic trio in some of the most hip coffee and art houses and with his full band rocking some of the hottest clubs and festivals.

Most recently, Jonah has been working on his newest passion: scoring and even acting in several short and feature films. He also works as a musician and producer with several Detroit-area bands including VanGoGo, Justine Blazer, and Bad Side.