Jonah Krull

Jonah Krull

 North Tonawanda, New York, USA

My songs blend different types of music. I play 5 different instruments, and I write all of my songs. My songs reflects in my own words being a Christian teenager in this age.


The first person who realized my soul for God and music was my late great Grandmother, Mary. From the time I was a toddler, she would say “He has the music in him”. Well I guess she was right!

I started writing music when I was 11 years old or so. My first song was called “Outside World” that told a story of the struggles of living in the world, but not being of the world. I learned piano from the age of 6, and taught myself guitar around age 12. After that, I learned to play the bass, the mandolin, and then I started to sing. The Lord has continued to open doors as I grow. I play drums in several bands such as “Among the Redeemed”, “Unchanging Grace” and our church worship band. In fact, just last summer I played drums with Unchanging Grace in the Kingdombound Talent Competition.

I started recording my songs with a pocket recorder when I was 12. Eventually, my family learned of my music abilities, and wanted to push me out further. Over time, I’ve acquired more elaborate home studio equipment and learned to use it. I started recording more songs I’d written such as “Hope is Alive”, “Hanging On” and “Far Away”. I’m currently working on other songs such as “I’m Gone” and “All I Need”. My music style is quite eclectic. The actual style is different for every song, but my lead guitar style crosses Brian May (Queen) and Seth Morrison (Skillet). My leads are usually literally a choir of guitars both electric and acoustic.

Through all of this, I have tried not to let God out of my sight. Though I struggle like any human teenager, the Holy Spirit has helped me through countless struggles and temptations. Although satan has continued to attack, Jesus has given me victory.

Many of my songs reflect the struggles of being a Christian teen in these years and the hope that God gives us. I feel called to reach out to the teenagers of the world, Christian and non-Christian, who need someone to hold onto.


I currently do not have a very professional recording setup, but I have recorded 3 singles in the last 5 months.

One of the songs I've recorded is called "Hope Is Alive". It has a very up beat, alive, tempo. The songs message is that theres always hope, you just have to keep that hope alive!

Another song I've recorded is called "Far Away" it isn't done yet, but it is a slow piano song. I wrote it after my first break up. But it doesn't drop you off the edge of a cliff of depression like most break up songs.

One of my songs, "Hangin' On" is one of the first songs I wrote. I wrote it when I was about 12. I've changed the lyrics, the style, and the order over the last 3 years many times, but the one thing that didn't change was the meaning. It says that we can't hold on to the world, because it won't be here forever.

But my personal favorite song I've written is called "Mr. Cliff Hanger". In August of 2011, my church had an major event, that eventually ended in a church split. I instantly lost most of my friends. In November-January, I was trying to deal with all this built up emotion. I knew that there was no going back, but how could I let go of the last 4 years of my life? And so this song was my way of visualizing my situation, as a cliff hanger, hanging on to something he knew he couldn't hold onto for long.

You can find some of my songs on YouTube. I am currently working on making videos for all my songs. My channel is: jmksongman.