Jonah Sage

Jonah Sage


An amazing blend of strong vocal performance, acoustic instrumentation, unique arrangements, and deeply honest lyrics, Jonah Sage’s music captures the heart of the author. His blend of aggressive Acoustic Rock, Groove, and Folk songs offer a refreshing sound that is unique and memorable.


One of my goals when playing is to break down the magical wall so many artists create between the stage and the crowd. Doubting I'm the only one tired of musicians somehow elevating themselves above everyone else, I love connecting with audiences and, through honest lyrics and a laid back, inviting stage presence encouraging them to loosen up and hear parts of themselves into my songs. I have been greatly influenced by artists such as Bebo Norman, David Wilcox, and Edwin McCain because of their unique ability to tell a specific story with universal appeal. I am certain that a genuine song is much more attractive than a superficial choreographed stage show and I have come to believe this after seeing the drastic impact the above artists, by offering sincerity and not a performance, have had on my life. My songs cover a wide range of topics, they do not sound alike, and my concerts are consistently said to be original, unique and refreshing. I am looking to build relationships with venues, promoters, and fans in hopes of making all of this bigger than just songs and words. Take a look around my EPK and website and feel free to contact me with any questions!

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it matters to this one

Written By: jonah sage

It Matters to This One

It matters to this one here in my hand
Reaching out for ground.
My life just one is all I’ll need to find

And I’ll give my life away
I’ll give my life away

My life I will not change for you
For you to find some things in me of which you approve

It matters to this one, standing tall
Walking now on his own
My life you say I’m throwing it away

Can you see in me traces of the man I long to be
Someday to find you come back here and I’ll say

It mattered to this one, here in my hand
Reaching out on his own
My life, just one and no I’m not the same – we’ll see the world change

last chance

Written By: jonah sage

Last Chance

Last night I fell asleep before your name came to mind
For the first time since you left
and I'm happy ‘cause I really believe
that you are too
this might be my last chance to ever
say these things to you

I will miss you till my heart knows no more love
Until time takes my life from me
I don’t need you I never mean to be naïve
But dreaming tonight I’ve never known
So much peace

This afternoon I walk and try, try to forget .
The buildings I named for you
‘Cause all they do is remind me
Of what I should have said
Of all the faults in me


Last night I fell asleep before your name came to mind

honest with myself

Written By: jonah sage

Honest With Myself

The hardest thing for me to say
Is it hasn’t always been this way
Maybe I’m just fooling myself
Four years ago today
The same things I would say
Trying to hide, fake this all away

‘Cause I find when I’m on my knees
The words don’t come as easily
As when I’m just being honest with myself . . .

Learning that the death of me
Is more of who I want to be
More of who you see

I’m so sick of all these things
I keep so close to me
You’d think that they were my very breath

And I’m not sure you’d like to see
The man inside, the real me
And I’m so scared that I really don’t deserve it.

Four years from today
I may not have much to say
That you haven’t already heard from me
But it’s not about how I feel
It’s not about the movie reel
That is the life I so much desire

So here I am now on my knees
Talking to you honestly
Saying there’re so many other places I’d rather be

a year's worth

Written By: jonah sage

A Year’s Worth

Another year wasted
It’s another year of my hope
It’s not coming back
Did you know as you go it was you
All for you.
These ways I’ve grown doors I’ve closed
Hoping you’d see the best part of me

But I suppose this is how it goes
When I play this game
But when did my heart become
Such a careless thing

And if I sleep all day could I wake up tomorrow the other side of gray
To find my heart healed anew to find it lives past the memory of you
‘Cause I don’t need you

And it’s one at a time
These deep in and outs
I’ll take my time knowing I will be
I’ll be just fine
And I’ll say good bye the last time
But what am I doing here
Holding you seeing through what I knew
Is this the real you


Was he worth it
Was he so worthwhile
Was he worth it
Why don’t I see you smile

Last Chorus
So just let me sleep all day, and I’ll run to the arms that carry me away.
To the love I first knew, it won’t leave me cold, alone, like you.
‘Cause I know I need love.
Yes, I know I need love.

don't want to say

Written By: jonah sage

Don’t Want To Say

It’s comfortable for me to sit here and play
It comes easy to me, pretending I know what to say

I thought that I was older than those who show
Emotion roll down the face, too old to know

But I don’t want to have to say
That I . . . I’ll be ok
I’ll be fine here alone

Sitting on my floor, I find I am wrong again
Esau in me, birthright thrown away.


Of course I think you’re lovely, you know you always were
Of course you think you know me, but I was never yours
And I don’t know, I don’t know, I don’t know you any more

Last Chorus:
But I don’t want to have to say,
That I was never ,ever, ever OK.
So please make me whole.
Please make me whole.
Please take me…


2005- Leaving Myself Behind

"Last Chance" and "It Matters to This One" being played on:
Fortress am1230 (PA)
Student Night @wmub 88.5 fm (cincinnati, OH)
Radio 30-a (panama city beach, fl)
various streaming radio stations including:
various podcasts

Set List

Typical Set list-
honest with myself
love again
the truth that still remains
last chance
I'm Alright (COVER SONG: Bebo Norman)
Something Better
Romeo and Juliet (COVER SONG: Edwing McCain)
A Year's Worth
Sweep Away
Africa (COVER SONG: Toto)
Don't Want to Say
It Matters to this one

I typically will play ONE set of about an hour and a half (90 minutes), though I have material for up to one continuous 4 hour set. I play mostly original material though there are several songs which have impacted me that I enjoy covering (as well as the occasional 80's rock ballad to lighten the mood!).