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"Honest, Introspective Lyrics with beautiful arrangements."

The first CD release by Jonah Sage is an absolute pleasure to listen to and experience. From the pulsing "Hopeless" to the soaring "It matters to this one", Jonah Sage takes the listener on a journey of desire; desire for love, companionship, faith, and significance. The introspective and hauntingly honest lyrics are weaved wonderfully through a wonderful arrangement. The music peaks and pulses letting the lyrics tell the story of life. Highlights are "The truth that still remains", "Honest with Myself", "Love Again", "I Find", "Last Chance", and "It matters to this one". This CD is aptly named, in listening and experiencing this CD, the listener can truly leave themselves behind and look outside themselves for their own journey of faith, trust, love, and living a life of impact to those around us. Few artists have the guts to lay bare their hearts for all to see, this honesty will continue to draw you in listen after listen. These lyrics are written to be pondered and mulled over in the mind. Jonah Sage takes a look at his own life and in listening I was challenged to take a long look at mine. "My stiff skin reminds me of where I am. The salt in my mouth, whose I am, the stumbling thoughts of my mind maybe it's time I leave myself behind."I highly recommend this CD. - Brad Hoblitzell (CD baby)


By Kevan Breitinger, 08/22/05

Jonah Sage is fearlessly honest. He’s got the acoustic sensibilities of Dan Fogelberg, bright moments of Eric Clapton’s flair, and an introspective willingness that is all his.
He has assembled a talented group of backup players on this well produced debut. These songs are gentle and quiet for the most part but Sage digs deep lyrically, mining the darkest corners of his heart for truth. Singing with brutal honesty about love lost, about his own heart’s motives and even the anguish of betrayal, Sage stops just short of slicing open a vein for the benefit of his listeners.

Sage's website indicates that this bravery is motivated by a desire for his songs to help listeners “make sense” of their own struggles. It’s easy to respect that kind of sacrificial motivation, but the quality of this music makes it beyond easy - more like effortless. “A Year Wasted” juxtaposes delicate violin strings with the raw anguish of love betrayed and stuns you with its power. These are rich songs of love and life and God. Listen to the passion of “The Truth That Still Remains” and the powerfully emotive “Last Chance” and just try not to feel your own heart creak open to beauty and truth. Go ahead, I dare you. - Grassroots Music

"Jonah Sage is a Modern Bard of Fine Storytelling Tradition"

JONAH SAGE is a modern bard of a fine storyteller tradition. On his first release, "Leaving Myself Behind," SAGE immediately hits his folksy stride with competent guitar work, lush arrangements and breathy vocals. What hits you immediately is the excellent production. It’s subtle, but there’s a lot going on in each of these little stories. SAGE really has a knack for writing universal lyrics that almost anybody can identify with. I could feel my once teenaged heart breaking all over again as he croons about lost love in "Last Chance" and "A Year’s Worth." And I couldn’t help by be moved when "It Matters to This One" hit its climactic stride with strings bursting and SAGE pleading, "Can you see in me traces of the man I long to be?" This is not your typical folk fare, and JONAH SAGE is better off for it. -- David J. Patterson - Space Junkies Magazine


2005- Leaving Myself Behind

"Last Chance" and "It Matters to This One" being played on:
Fortress am1230 (PA)
Student Night @wmub 88.5 fm (cincinnati, OH)
Radio 30-a (panama city beach, fl)
various streaming radio stations including:
various podcasts



One of my goals when playing is to break down the magical wall so many artists create between the stage and the crowd. Doubting I'm the only one tired of musicians somehow elevating themselves above everyone else, I love connecting with audiences and, through honest lyrics and a laid back, inviting stage presence encouraging them to loosen up and hear parts of themselves into my songs. I have been greatly influenced by artists such as Bebo Norman, David Wilcox, and Edwin McCain because of their unique ability to tell a specific story with universal appeal. I am certain that a genuine song is much more attractive than a superficial choreographed stage show and I have come to believe this after seeing the drastic impact the above artists, by offering sincerity and not a performance, have had on my life. My songs cover a wide range of topics, they do not sound alike, and my concerts are consistently said to be original, unique and refreshing. I am looking to build relationships with venues, promoters, and fans in hopes of making all of this bigger than just songs and words. Take a look around my EPK and website and feel free to contact me with any questions!

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