JonAllen & the I.R.E.

JonAllen & the I.R.E.


Alternative Punk-Folk


Human Being Being Human, I Need a City I Can Be Forgotten In

P1 – Hey, ________, how you doin’?, I say

Arm the harmless,

give Guns to the homeless,

P2 - & let them teach us a lesson about recycling.,

I say one for the road,

One for the tragedy of it all

P1 – I got splinters on my forehead

made of dust

& magazine machine gun shells…

P2 – In the dark I hear whispers

of an early winter,

…everything is trivial.

P1 - Of course it is,

that’s the only reason I’m talking to you,

Just then a girl walk’s by with a t-shirt that says



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"Sleeping in stone" Scheduled for Sept 9th, 2009