Jon and Roy

Jon and Roy

 Victoria, British Columbia, CAN

Jon and Roy play acoustic music that combines the lyrical and musical elements of folk, reggae and hip-hop with the percussive elements of many a genre. There music seeks to captivate thoughts through lyrical content and cause physical movement and smiles. Sunlight for the soul.


Jon and Roy

Jon and Roy are rich. Sure, Roy drives his mom’s old station wagon and Jon often resorts to burning wood to heat his house, but that’s not the kind of rich we’re talking about here. Playing for the lovely locals of Victoria under the sun, sharing sangria with a hundred or so strangers from around the world in Byron Bay Australia and seeing copies of their albums make it to the flea markets of Brazil is. Interest in the organic alchemy between Jon’s resounding lyrics and melodies and Roy’s intuitive beat-making is the type of interest that concerns the two.

Jon and Roy began playing music together years ago. Jon was deep into reading about the Politik and Roy was reflecting on the striking similarities between apes and humans. The first few years were spent stoking up a local fan base and developing as musicians. In 2005, Jon and Roy recorded Sittin’ Back and went about spreading the album anywhere their beater cars and gig money would take them. A hiatus would follow in 2006 allowing Jon to record his solo album After a Trip and Roy to get acquainted with a full drum set.

After reconnecting with Stephen Franke, the producer of Sittin’ Back and After a Trip, the duo finally realized that making music is a must and that becoming teachers and chefs can wait. Recording their second collaboration Another Noon in the spring of 2008 has piqued the soundbuds of listeners world wide, launching their laid back tunes into numerous area codes, shanty towns, kayaks and fishing piers. Since the album dropped, Jon and Roy have played all over England and Canada, highlights include a UK tour with Buck 65, an ocean-side set at Victoria’s Ska Fest, performing at NXNE, and taking part in the COCA performance series in the nation’s capital.

Jon and Roy call upon a hand-picked group of local musicians for shows who can groove without wanking and funk without stanking and have recently added Ryan Tonelli on bass, bringing some plump low-end to the mix. Still wondering? Here’s what others have said:

“Jon and Roy are the perfect duo to bust some lazy chills with on a sunday afternoon.” Battle of the
Midwestern Housewives

“Their music accompanies the end of summer particlularly well. I can imagine campers living out their last day fishing off of a small rowboat and reclining around the campfire until the remaining embers burn out.”

“Warm, laid back, and inviting acoustic roots music.” –Ick music

“These songs drift by like a relaxed summer day, inviting the daily grind to fall to the wayside.” - Herohill

“Another Noon is the second disc ... capturing a wonderfully unassuming, open-mic, coffee-shop vibe that charms and welcomes us in.” –Exclaim!

‘That perfect “end of a summer day” feel…this is a surprisingly good indie effort…focusing on the basics
on this wonderfully simple recording, and avoiding that all-too-popular impulse to clutter things up’ –
Monday Magazine

Jon and Roy will finish off 2008 and begin 2009 branching out to international audiences, dipping their feet in multiple oceans, sleeping anywhere they find and eating anything they deem interesting. Most of all, Jon and Roy will spread their music across the globe to wherever they find a receptive audience.


Sittin' Back (2005)
After a Trip (2006)- Jon Middleton solo disc
Another Noon (2008)

Set List

Sittin' Back
Deep Steez
Mt. Tops
Cadboro Bay
To the Beach
What I need
Flight Down
Another Noon
Thanks for That
Drunkin' Ramble
After a Trip
Dt Stylee
The Right Groove
By the Sea
Byron Banter
Five in the Morning
Oh, Please
Little Bit of Love
Long Road