Jonas Aasen & The Wranglers
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Jonas Aasen & The Wranglers

Oslo, Oslo County, Norway | Established. Jan 01, 2012 | INDIE

Oslo, Oslo County, Norway | INDIE
Established on Jan, 2012
Band Country Folk





Jonas Aasen & The Wranglers, what can we say?

We had dressed up in Cowboyhats and indian feathers and were prepared to laugh at a genre we don't like much at all.
So, Jonas, if you're jesus, we don't know. But anyway, you saved us! - Tine Eide - Radio Nova (review after a live radioshow)

"Beautifull music video from Jonas Aasen"

- Now it's a while since you released the video for the song Where i go, how are amenable been?

- We are very pleased with the results and the feedback has been all positive, says Jonas Aasen to Amta.


- The video is made ​​on low budget, but the result is fantastic. Henrik Zwart, who also is the nephew of Harald Zwart, got together a fantastic crew and with little support from the result was exceptional. Now it's a month since we released the video, and so far it has resulted in a few more gigs and honorable mention.

Good feedback
- The songs of Jonas Aasen & The Wranglers located in a Country / Folk landscape, musically. Maybe not the hottest genre to lie in whether you will have great success, but you've still clear toe acquire you much cred and some gigs in Oslo and around the festivals.

- We are completely overwhelmed by how many people like our music! Everything from teenagers to retirees give us feedback that they like what we play. Country Music've had is straightforward resurgence in recent years. But we dry to be original and give it our personal touch, I think has meant that we constantly get a larger audience.

- The songs we have out on the urørt page at NRK ( has so far been downloaded more than 10,000 times. Which is really great - and surprising.

- Forgive in Time (EP) came out just over a year ago. When is the debut album coming, and when is the next opportunity to see you live?

- We play on March 15 at the Smelteverket in the Food Hall in Oslo. We're in the studio over the summer to record their debut album, so now we have to go out and play to get some money, so we can afford to produce a good record. - Ann Turid Ford - Amta (Newspaper)

"Interview - Jonas Aasen & The Wranglers"

It started with acoustic guitar and a microphone in the kitchen in December 2011 After playing in many bands, started writing new songs and lyrics from the scribble book. Now it Country- / Folk music that characterizes the sound stage after many years of listening to Townes Van Zandt, Justin Townes Earle, Woody Guthrie, Neil Young and more within country- / folk genre. We caught up with songwriter Jonas Aasen.

You play a concert at The Crossroad Club on June 18. Why should people take the tour?

- Because we're going to treat you with wonderful country, folk and rock music that captivates and hits. When there are four cowboys and a cowgirl on the scene can not go wrong. I have heard of several people who really dislike country that they thought what we do is very good, it is Likan simply.

- This evening we looked forward to a long and practiced intensely to give the audience a wonderful experience. We'll be playing lots of new songs and show new versions of several old. Last year there were changes in the band, when we got Matias Grinde on drums and Nils Olav Bang on bass. So you could say it has happened a lot with our sound. All ticket proceeds will go entirely to the album recording, we should start now with the fall, so for us it is important to get the most possible people to one of the coolest venues in town so we can deliver a great concert and a gorgeous album eventually. We shall have to also have a fantastic heating band praised for DJ Die with your boots on finishing off the evening.

You say you're going into the studio this fall. What are your plans?

- We are in talks with At The Loft Records to record the album there in September. When we get Jonas Kjølstad the controls and I think we are very good considering the things we have already heard from the studio. I practiced there with an old band when ATL was brand new, and the development of the studio has had when it comes to equipment and all is amazing. And the guys who run it also had a huge development as it will probably be very good. The advantage of ATL is that it is so mega central and crazily fine premises. Great recording rooms where there will be no problem and record live with the whole band. Another reason why we choose this place is that when we are first going to release a full length, it is important for us to spend time on it. This record should not be rushed and it is an advantage and could only sit on the tram and run down if you find that something needs to be changed or done again.

Support Jobs for himself The Jayhawks July 11 at Rockefeller, how it happened?

- Yes, how did it .. We have long had a dream of playing at Rockefeller, so we've asked some Norwegian artists to get warmed up during concerts there. But what happened next was that we were asked by the Rockefellers booking accountable. It is long since I saw the Jayhawks were playing and we are more big fans of the band, but that we would get the honor of being support, none of us believed. When I got the email it was like to be called by Norwegian tipping or something, pulse went irresponsible quickly to the coffee was put in the neck. We are very proud and delighted something crazily!

What is your relationship with The Jayhawks? Some favorite songs / albums?

- I'm a big fan, have been since I got the first vinyl Tomorrow The Green Grass when I was 18 years old. I think well since it was the first album I got that it has received an extra space in the heart too. It's an album I always return to when I'm a little tired of other music. Otherwise the bunkhouse album¨også a favorite. That låtmessig varies favorites periods, but these days I totally hangup at Miss William's Guitar¨på former album.
What other band would have been cool to heat up?

- Justin Townes Earle could least I personally thought of me, or maybe Robert Ellis. It's music I've heard a lot of, and Midnight At The Movies album Earle was probably what really got me into country / folk genre. There are a lot of different favorites in the band, but like for me well the two I could have imagined. But now we got the Jayhawks as I never really dreamed of, so to be the only support job this summer, I know we are all more than satisfied.

You gave out the great single Where I Go earlier this year, how will debut album in relation to it?

- There are quite a varied album, but all have the feet firmly planted in the country and people. It might be a little more knarliest one where I go sonically. I also think the album will be a bit more vibrant and dynamic now. There are a lot of texts in the same style, whether it is love, heartbreak, or just good stories. Acoustic guitar and lyrics will be in focus, but there are also some stalling guitar solos and a lot of punch!

Reviewers are quick to compare the new band with other bands. If you had to describe your band and use two such comparisons, how would it sound?

- It is difficult to compare themselves with others, and I try the thinking that we have found an own thing in this campy genre. But a kind of Norwegian Daniel Romano or early Dylan's not to be despised. On P3 I was mentioned in connection with Dylan and Jonas Alaska.

To highlight three sources of inspiration which is a kind of common denominator within the band, what needs doing?

- That genre we are quite spread in the bunch, but Daniel Romano has a star in the hat at all, he is extremely implemented, at least on their last two albums. Otherwise I try and solo guitarist Jesper our Magerøy to get the rest to listen to Zoe Muth. She is a wonderful lady from the USA who are not very familiar, but those who like the genre and hear it is usually saved. And then there's Justin Townes Earle is one of my greatest inspirations, and since I write songs is a lot like getting a stamp from there, but everything is wrapped in something unique when everyone has the freedom to create their contribution to the songs.

There are a lot of good Norwegian music a day. What other Norwegian bands do you think we should follow?

- I've just become aware of Daniel Kvammen recently signed on Jansen Plateproduksjon, he writes the totally amazing songs with Norwegian lyrics so I'm really looking forward to hearing more from him. Otherwise I follow through on what is happening with Fay Wild garden the other day, she's worth to see. The Pinkertons are also great cases where you have dirty country rock with a twist that I think you should look pretty long for in this country.

What about international slices, a few favorites right now?

- The Light of the chemical plant¨av Robert Ellis was a very nice disc. Also I thought ¨Southeastern¨ of Jason Isbell was very good. Otherwise it goes much Jayhawks and Daniel Romano day for me. Zoe Muth's new album is going to Norway on May 20, so it will be good for the people.

What are the future plans?

- First, the bands play, we play first at the Young Square at 12.30 before we play at the cafe south his stage 16.30. Where we hope to draw people to the Cross Road on June 18. So there will be a holiday at all before we slam the Rockefeller July 11, then it becomes Audun Bakken Festival on August 2 before entering the studio in September. It will be a great summer with a lot of practice towards recording. - Robin Olsen - (Musicblog)

"VIDEO- Jonas Aasen & The Wranglers - Where I Go"

Jonas Aasen & The Wranglers is for most people so far a unknown name, but with they're first release they tend to change that. The folk/country band is fronted by Jonas Aasen, that want to give some attention to a genre that maybe isn't the most popular, but can be ¨god damn¨cool.

The genre was chosen because of a great passion for old-time country that goes way back.
- ¨The lyrics and the universe the genre has made always surprises you, even tough its so clasic¨Says Jonas.

The adventure started in the kitchen in 2011 with a guitar and a mic, and inspiration from, among others Woody Guthrie, Neil Young and Townes Van Zandt. In 2012 Jonas was chosen as ¨artist of the week¨ at a nowegian broadcaster site with the song You Said You Were Gonna Stay. Since then he has played at many Oslo Scenes Parkteateret and John Dee. Going forward, the plan is to go into rehearsal for completing old and new songs, and their debut album is in the works during 2014. - Alyssa Nilsen - (Musicblog)

"Grønn medvind på Hellviktangen (Going green on Hellviktangen"

On the porch of Hellviktangen culture house there were no less then 17 concerts from 1200 pm to 0900 am. Lars Beckstroem from Delillos was an obvious guest. And from Droebak came Paulin Voss with her band. Another guy was Jonas Aasen who daily plays with his band Jonas Aasen & The Wranglers, this sunday he played with his partner Lene Vea Knutsen that did the background vocals. ¨It's the second time I play on this festival¨ says the talented guitarist/vocalist as he packs down his guitar and harmonica after the gig.

¨It's a really nice festival, and it grows bigger every year. It's really exciting to be a part of it.¨Says Jonas who last year released the EP ¨Forgive in time¨ with The Wranglers. - Steinar Knudsen - Oestlandets blad (Newspaper)


Forgive in time EP - 2013



It all started in early 2012, with Jonas Aasen sitting alone in his kitchen writing several songs, inspired by american country and folk artists such as Hank Williams, Justin Townes Earle, Woodie Guthrie and Townes Van Zandt. He uploaded some of the songs to a band discovery website made by the national public broadcaster of Norway. They picked up one of the songs and gave it some airtime. He then started playing solo gigs. Even in one of the biggest club venues in Oslo. After a short while he gathered a band now called The Wranglers, with Jonas' childhood friend Jesper Mageroy on lead guitar, Nils Olav Bang on the bass, Mathias Grinde on drums and Lene Vea Knutsen on backup vocals. Together they have been playing a lot of concerts in some of the biggest venues in Oslo. They have been dubbed "Norways new hope in country music", and were told that they have a bright future within country music.In March 2013 they released their first EP, Forgive in Time, which gave them the opportunity of playing some festival gigs that summer. After a productive fall, they released their first music video in early 2014, to the song Where I go. This summer they have continued their efforts to make a name for themselves, by being the support act for The Jayhawks when they played at Rockefeller music hall in Oslo, and also by playing at different festivals. The band is currently in the studio, Velvet recordings, making their debut album.

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