Jonas have been doing music and performing for more than 25 years. The first record that got him interested in singing was Stevie Wonder's "Songs In The Key Of Life", and some years later Stevie was caught humming one of Jonas' songs, saying "when can I get my copy of the album?". That says a lot...


After having played in numerous bands during his teenage years, Jonas formed the soul band Jonz with 4 other talented musicians. After only 3 gigs, the band got signed to a worldwide deal with Sony Music. This lead to a tight working relationship with manager Keith Harris (Stevie Wonder, Omar, Lynden David Hall) and producer Pete Smith (Randy Crawford, Joe Cocker, Sting) making the critically acclaimed debut album "Where It's At". The single "Sleeping" was #1 on the national danish airplay chart, and made waves in various parts of the world. Even Stevie Wonder was caught humming one of Jonas' songs, and said "when can I get my copy of the album?"

After a couple of years Jonas parted ways with Jonz, and has since then been working as a solo artist, and penning songs for others. Besides this, he has been involved in countless projects on the side with other musicians, producers and songwriters all over the world. A.o. writing songs with the late Lynden David Hall; co-fronting the 17 piece soul collective Nu Soul Connexion; working as vocal-producer on many danish albums. The latest addition to collaborations is an album with the hip hop and soul project SWEATSHOP (, which comes out mid 2008, and will be entitled "The Hustle".

The last many years Jonas has been touring Europe and USA extensively. Mostly with the multi ethnical hip hop group Outlandish. Jonas was acknowledged as Essential Album in Blues & Soul Magazine. Many of the the album's songs enjoying extensive airplay on radios from Nuuk to NYC. Jonas was nominated for an INDY Music Award as Best Live Act in the Soul/R&B/Jazz category. Recently he has been touring in East Africa and USA with his music, gaining bigger respect, bigger recognition and bigger audiences everywhere.

Jonas debut album "Sweet Dreams Guaranteed" has been created with songwriters, musicians and producers from Copenhagenn, New York, Milwaukee and London. Jonas spent time in the studio in USA with George Nash Jr and Demonté Posey - the main guys behind american soul icon Eric Benét. The time was used writing, recording and producing, which a.o. gave birth to the song "Things Gotta Change", which features basslegend Pino Palladino and brass innovator Roy Hargrove. Both Pino and Roy are known for putting their magic touches to albums by the biggest icons in the genre, like D’Angelo and Erykah Badu, so this surely was a dream come true to Jonas.

Jonas music is a modern interpretation of soul. Inspiration comes mainly from the old soul classics, but also draws lines to jazz and hip hop. What shines through is the way Jonas succeds in developing a sound that is completely his own. A warm gentle expressive voice and sound, combined with thoughtful, humerous and poetic lyrics, all adds up to a mixture that is super sexy and simply irressistable.

"Sweet Dreams Guaranteed" is an album that creeps under your skin and keeps growing and growing.

The album is available worldwide thru and in all iTunes Musicstores.

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Soundvenue Compilation #2 Various Soundvenue Artist/Songwriter/Producer (1 song)
2000 & 13 mc’s Various Bonnier Songwriter/Producer (album)
Anja & Victor Various Trust Soundtracks Backingvox (3 songs)
Barfly Legends Funk Flush Empire Records Songwriter/Producer (3 songs)
Big Brother Various Sony Artist/Songwriter/Co-Producer (1 song)
Composers Kitchen Mintman Universal Backingvox (4 songs)
Et Spoergsmaal Om Tid Humleridderne Sony Remix (1 song)
Let Love Be Love Various Columbia Artist/Co-Producer (1 song)
Mesterhak Mester Jacob Empire Records Artist/Musician/Co-Producer (4 songs)
Min Soesters Boern Various Trust Soundtracks Backingvox (1 song)
Hellraisor Tjes Boogie Playground Songwriter/Vocal-Producer (1 song)
Party Zone Vol 5 Various Party Zone Artist/Songwriter (1 song)
Popstars Showtime Various EMI Backingvox (2 songs)
Reach For Me Johnny Logan Epic Backingvox (6 songs)
Save This Christmas For Me Johnny Logan Epic Backingvox (4 songs)
Where Its At Jonz Sony Artist/Songwriter/Co-Producer (album)
That’s Just Me Maria Lucia EMI Songwriter/Co-Producer (1 song)
Life, Knowledge, Poetry Majid Virgin/EMI Vocal-Producer/Engineer (album)
Moetown Joey Moe Nexus Music Vocal-Producer/Engineer (album)
Them Girls Smujji Def Jam UK Vocal-Producer/Engineer (single)
Vores Verden B-Boys Universal Vocal-Producer/Arranger
Goodmorning Baya Soulcamp Feat. Artist/Vocal-Producer (single)
Satisfy Me (feat Killah Priest) Nadia White Songwriter/Vocal-Producer (single)
Closer Than Veins Outlandish Sony/BMG Backingvox (2 songs)
Butterfly (Smoove Remix) Natalie Williams Eastside Records Feat. Artist (single)
Closure Kuku Agami Zu-J Records Feat. Artist/Co-Writer (2 songs)
Finnaly Dunn N.O.B.L.E. Zu-J Records Feat. Artist (1 song)
Sweet Dreams Guaranteed Jonas Playground Music Artist/Songwriter/Co-Producer (album)
Rich Kids (movie soundtrack) Jinks Copenhagen Vocal-Producer/Engineer (single + alnbum)
Vores Verden B-Boys Universal Vocal-Producer/Arranger (7 songs)
The Hustle SweatShoP RunForCover Artist/Songwriter/Co-Producer (album)
Gadedroem Ali Kazim Playground Music Feat. Artist (2 songs)
I Like It Loud Natasza ??? Songwriter/Producer (single)
Wouldn’t Change a Thing Justin Guarini RCA Songwriter/Producer

Set List

the 12 songs off the album Sweet Dreams Guaranteed (Playground Music) and a few new ones... sometimes a coversong, like Bob Marley's "Turn Your Lights Down Low"