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"Por que fingiste Amarme" by Jonas (Latin Artist from Argentina)
POSTED BY: momof5pacs POSTED ON: 10 Nov 2009 05:41 PM

RadioIndy is pleased to present Jonas with a GrIndie Award for the CD "Por que fingiste Amarme "
Accomplished vocalist Jonas’s newest CD “Por que fingiste Amarme,” hits the music scene with Latin pop and a touch of rock finesse. Jonas doesn’t have to reach far to sing to the skies as his vocals have full-bodied Latin flavor, which caresses the emotive lyrics of his songs. Lively and vibrant, “Por que no,” wows the listener with a bright and catchy synth sound and a rock solid bass line that complements Jonas’ colorful vocals. The lovely orchestration of instruments on “Simplemente” illuminates the strong, bold, and heartfelt lyrics. Slicing into the rock genre, “Amor inconcluso,” features some rip roaring guitar riffs embellished with chilling synth sounds. Charming piano decorates the stunning lyrics on “No quiero más de tu veneno,” while the subtle strings dance around the vocals. Experience the great talents of Jonas and his album “Por que fingiste Amarme,” jam-packed with Latin pop and a sprinkling of rock.

-Diane and the Reviewer Team
Check out Jonas 's music on with link to purchase and links to popular sites

- Diane and the Reviewer Team


Cd called: Porque Fingiste amarme

1-Por que fingiste amarme
2-Por que no
4-Sin hablar
5-Dame un beso más
6-Amor inconcluso
7-Un rojo amanecer
8-Al escuchar tu voz
9-No quiero más de tu veneno
10-Por siempre mia
11-Tu te vas con El
12-Quiero que abraces mi
13-Todo de ti

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Jonas was born on a November 23rd in Argentina. He started singing at age 8, participating in different choirs statewide and nationally in Argentina and thus starting his vocal preparedness.

At age 13 he had his several first’s contracts to sing at private parties and events where he was able to demonstrate that singing was his true vocation and a virtue.

He traveled to Occidental Europe to continue taking classes and perfecting and educating his voice.

He has taken classes with professors like Miriam Molina, Annalise Skovpman and Franco Iglesias. Additionally he studied 3 years of Piano at the Musical Conservatory or Tucuman, Argentina. He then spent time in Israel where he studied the career of singing lyrics at Jerusalem Academy of Music with Vivian Goldenthal.

He was so successful in his live presentations in 2008 that he has decided to make of singing a lifestyle. During the same year he met Fabian Farhat (Known and recognized composer and musical producer, and winner of 2007 Latin Grammys), who has listened to Jonas’s songs and experiences and turned them into 13 wonderful songs. Afterwards it ensued the production of a CD by the Farhat Group where the melodious and sui generis voices of Jonas are exalted, accompanied by a super musical production recorded with state of the art technology.

The CD is actually framed in the pop generous, with a touch of Rock and many acoustics brushes in the sounds.

In 2009 Jonas was pre-nominated for Latin Grammys.

In May 2010 In the XIX INTERNATIONAL DISCOVERY POP MUSIC FESTIVAL, in the city of Varna Bulgaria, Jonas receives the third prize in the category "the best song contest" with the song "Simplemente". In FESTIVAL OF SONG OF CALIFORNIA receives diploma of excellence with the song "Tu te vas con El" and the honorable mention with the song "Por que Fingiste amarme". In the INTERNATIONAL FESTIVAL OF MIAMI SONG receives honorable mention for the song "Quiero que abraces mi alma".