My music is acoustic based with poetic lyrics. I hold story teller concerts right now where I allow questions from the audience. I also lead worship and am booked for speaking engagements. Contact my booking agent for more info:


Before I get into my story and how I started it is imperative that you know that I am, FIRST, a husband to my amazingly beautiful and talented wife, Becky, and father to the best gift God ever gave my wife and I, Hunter. Without these two my life would be a mess.

My story starts during the summer of 1999 in the middle of a town square in Springfield, MO. I was attending EVANGEL UNIVERSITY at the time and found solace in playing for anyone who would stop during those hot summer nights. I found myself surrounded by the homeless, prostitutes, drug dealers, and kids cast aside by society. I never intended on my music becoming this ministry that it is today. What I intended for selfish pleasure, God intended for a far more amazing purpose! Thank God he made me aware!

I became an associate Youth Pastor and assistant to the Music Pastor at a local church in Springfield. At this point in my life I had been ministering and leading worship at Evangel and at church for quite some time. I had no idea that God was preparing me for something far bigger! I love how God brings us into places that at the time may seem to plain. All the while he is working on a plan so grand that our simple minds can quite comprehend it all.

I traveled for the last 9 years as the frontman for a band called Farewell June. We toured with PETRA, JILL PARR, FFH, MATTHEW WEST, and shared the stage with: JEREMY CAMP, THE NEWSBOYS, JARS OF CLAY, MERCY ME, BETHANY DILLON, MICHAEL W. SMITH, POINT OF GRACE, CASTING CROWNS, AUDIO A., MUTE MATH, and many more. It was quite the journey to say the least.

In Farewell June I traveled full time, sometimes playing over 200 shows a year! It was a busy time.

Farewell June was a piece of the puzzle that recently ended with good spirits and amazing anticipation for what God has in store for us all.

I recently signed a deal with NewLine Music out of Atlanta, GA as a solo recording artist and am touring full time again with my wife and son coast to coast and overseas!

I’m fairly simple when it comes to what I do. I believe that music is a powerful vehicle in moving people into an atmosphere of worship. I am explicit in what I believe and not shy about expressing my love for JESUS. I am, however, sensitive to the different ways of ministry. I have played in some of the roughest bars, the smallest coffee shops, and in front of 115,000 people and DID NOT waver from my calling. I enjoy what I do, I love to make people laugh, and work hard on doing what I do to absolute excellence. I know that this career can be so short lived, so I intend on being grateful for every second that I’m given to tell people how loving, understanding and REAL my God is!

I’m anxious to see what tomorrow will bring!


Angel of Mercy

Written By: Jonas

Written By Robert Woods Jr. (Jonas)
Bob Forest Publishing 2010

The first time I saw her,
Her face shown like the sun,
She took me by the hand and made it all better.

My mind was racing fast,
A million miles an hour,
A million miles a minute,
A million miles from home.


And then I said
I am broken,
I’m lying,
In my pain.
So she held me,
And she told me,
That she loved me… my angel of mercy.

I used to be a mess,
With a pocket full of rage,
A pocket full of nothing,
With nothing left to say.

Then she came around,
Turned me upside down,
Showed me that love can find, that love can find away.

And then I said
I am broken,
I’m lying,
In my pain.
So she held me,
And she told me,
That she loved me n


I have one question to ask,
Is this love that you give me for real?
Is it all just my imagination?

Or are you an angel, are you an angel of mercy?

And I said
I am broken,
I’m lying,
In my pain.
So she held me,
And she told me,
That she loved me,…she’s my angel of mercy.


Written By: Jonas

Written by Robert J. Woods Jr. (Jonas)
Bob Forest Publishing 2010

I am not worried, I’m not afraid, I’m not concerned.
I’ve been through the fire, held under water,
Troubled and burned,
I’ve lived in the promise of all that I’ve gained,
Through life in your faithfulness I’m not the same.
I am not worried, I’m not afraid, I’m not concerned.


I am not worried, because my life is not built on the sand,
I am not worried, because my Father above understands,
That there’s more to this life than plastic,
And that serving this cause is fantastic,
I am not worried.

I’ve been in the middle, I’ve stood on the edge, I’ve walked way too close.
To places of sadness, places of pain, places that boast.
But I’ve been forgiven beyond the measure, of what I am owed or what I deserve,
I am not worried, I’m not afraid, I’m not concerned.


Sounds like angles are singing a song that was written all about me.
I’m attempting to live my whole life avoiding a tragedy.


Shine One

Written By: Jonas

Shine On
Written by: Robert ”Jonas” Woods

Sitting here remembering why I left this place the first time

Wondering if those bad feelings still remain

Memories of high school

Memories of struggling through all the awkward

And dramatic teenage years

Now I’m here and I’m all grown up

People can hardly recognize

This old mans face full of grace

Seized by faith that burns hot in my eyes

Every breath I take I want to use to glorify my maker

Won’t let any words fall short

It’s been a long time coming

But now I finally know why I’m here

Now I understand

It’s been an awful long time coming

Since I’ve been to this old run down place

I’ve seen a lot of Familiar faces

That have left memories that won’t erase

I know many trials have come before me like a wall

Now I know why I’m here

To be the voice that cuts through all the deafening silence

And to tell you to be strong

And to let your light shine on

Shine on

Let your light shine on

Let your light shine on


Written By: Jonas

Written by Robert J. Woods Jr. (Jonas)
 Bob Forest Publishing 2010

Life circumstances, things that bring you down,
There are people all around me but I do not hear a sound.
Physically I’m dying, spiritually I’m dead,
Somebody stop these voices from screaming in my head.


I’ve been down, but I’m smiling on the outside, smiling on the outside,
I’ve been down, but I’m smiling on the outside, hiding on the inside from it all.

Pain can be deceiving, it kicks you when your down,
It saturates your every thought and works to steal your crown.
There’s a sense that life is fragile, it crumbles at your feet,
Life is more than broken dreams its more than your defeat.


I once lived a life full of happiness,
Now I live in disguise,
Light doesn’t always seem to show through,
But I know there is more to life than all these things I lose.



Written By: Jonas

Written by Robert J. Woods Jr. (Jonas)
Bob Forest Publishing 2010

It’s just another great American holiday, I’m sitting in a coffee shop looking for a friend,
It’s cold outside like it was this time last year, but the chill wasn’t quite so bitter and the cold not so real.

They say home is where the heart is but it doesn’t seem so true,
When your coffee’s getting cold and smoke fills your space,
As the man sitting next to you cherishes a cigarette like an old friend, like a memory from the past.

Memories play in my mind like the movies, like a poorly made replica of the life I wish I had.
I remember playing in the yard with my children, when I hear their laughter, it reminds me of better days.
Now a refill of coffee would be nice round bout this time, but the waiter finds his solace on the telephone.
Talking to a girl no less, a companion to ease his pain, but as for me and my coffee we just try to maintain and stay warm.


Surviving this December will be harder than before,
Keeping warm outside and sane upstairs,
Surviving this December doesn’t seem to matter anymore,
Just maintain my old friend, just maintain, through one more December.

The weather she whispers a greeting through the window,
Saying come back home old friend, come on back home.
Sadly I embrace her, she’s familiar to me, she’s never let me down before,
She’s never let me down.

It’s just another great American holiday, and I do all I can to stay warm!




When I was the frontman for Farewell June we released 2 records:

1. 1939
2. Identity Crisis

Set List

Most concerts or worship events are roughly an hour and a half unless you, the promoter want more or less of course.

Right now my set list consists of original songs and one or two covers: