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"press quips"

The result is at times loping and harmony-filled, at other times frenetic and distortion-laden.
- Lucas Hendrickson, The Rage

More hooks than a truck-load of coat hangers.
- The Tennessean,

As much in common with Badfinger as with Black Sabbath…straight shooting, hyper-melodic hard rock.
- The Rage,

- the rage, the tennesseean

"jonathan bright rocks"

Edgy. Not like The Edge from U2 more the meaning of the word. Sharp, cutting. Safe bet his next beer will not be his first. Sort of Adrian Belew without so much twang bar wanking. Rock. 100% Piano-ballad Free. Always a plus. Never understood shoe-horning that stupid droning sappy piano ballad onto an otherwise great Rock album. Oops. CD I mean. Old habits. Anyway in some cases I guess it's best to employ the same method the Founding Fathers used to define what they meant by first defining what they did not mean. So this CD's not for sitting down with your no-fat/no-tox Sizzelean and sipping your stupid decaf vanilla brown crayon water. This CD's for folks that ain't afraid to live and maybe die trying it. Buy it, dammit you'll see. If your idea of thinking outside the box is scratching a record, or sampling somebody else's hard work then mumbling rhythmically over the top of it, pass on Jonathan. This is Rock. For the sake of clarity I will add that Joe Satriani and Steve Vai probably won't be slowing his tracks down to see if they can't hack any of Jonathan's lightning-fast riffs to add to their own arsenals. Jonathan's fast enough, straight forward. Probably not intended for those who go to shows and stand with their arms folded with that angry/bored Impress Me look. No Guitar as Typewriter/baseball card in bicycle spokes approach here. Not that there's anything wrong with it, more like a break From it. Hell I like the CD. Rex - c.d. baby

"rock the right way"

Holy shit I love this CD! Jonathan Bright is a Nashville native but you won't hear any country licks on his EP Radio Free Tennessee only incredibly catchy, pure rock and roll that brings to mind the type of hard rock candy that David Lee Roth-era Van Halen brought to the rock and roll party. Right from the jungle drum kick off of Tweaking the Fine Tune I knew that this guy was special. First of all he has the voice and the guitar tone I love (hey these things are important!) and to top it all off he adds these little musical detours in his songs that keep things interesting. Along with Fine Tune you can add Shine to my personal iPod playlist as this stuff just feels right all the way through. Modern twists with major power pop sensibilities, Radio Free Tennessee is a blast from beginning to end. Have a listen on his website for free but really, just go out and buy the CD. You won't regret it. And check out his MySpace site where he rips out a killer version of "Hot For Teacher." Very cool stuff. Highly recommended. -the rock and roll radio report. - the rock and roll radio report





Hello folks, and welcome to that necessary evil we call THE BIO. Necessary, because if you are reading this, you probably are unfamiliar with me and my music. Evil, because most of the time these things are terribly inaccurate. They are usually chock full of self-serving b.s., coupled with some description of the band that reflects what they wish they sounded like as opposed to what they actually sound like. They are littered with such things as, "a combination of led zeppelin, ac/dc, and the beatles, with a touch of nirvana, and the rolling stones!", or "if black Sabbath and pearl jam conceived a child while listening to neil young, this is what it would sound like". Anyway, you get the picture. So with that in mind, I will try to keep this short and simple. My name is jonathan bright, I live in Nashville, and have been playing music with various bands my whole life. I started out on the drums, moved on to the guitar, then dabbled on bass and keyboards. After a few semi-successful runs in a few bands, I decided it was time for the "solo project". I figured, what the hell, I will just play and sing everything myself, then I will have nobody to blame if it sucks. I maxed out the credit cards, booked some time with producer jay joyce, loaded up my drums and guitars, and began recording like a man possessed (or, more accurately, like a man who is on the clock). That brings us to the present. I am putting the finishing touches on the new c.d., and have put together a great new band to help me bring it to the masses. My music has been compared to anyone from cheap trick to the foo fighters, to steve miller, and I suppose that is good enough for me. Somewhere along the way, we have managed to become a damn good (dare i say great? i think i shall) live band, and are ready to conquer the world (or at least the southeast, for now). Like the great philosopher Brian Johnson once said, for those about to rock, we salute you. Jonathan Bright