Jonathan Casey

Jonathan Casey

BandRockAdult Contemporary

Electric, evocative, clattering, processed, melodic music, somewhere between David Bowie and doubt.


I have always been in love with the mechanics of music. The fascination compelled me to write songs and instrumentals in my teens and I haven't been able to kick the habit. In the intervening years, I met a guitarist, a bassist and a drummer who liked the songs I was putting together; enough to learn and play these songs with my own arrangements in a live band context - so I am indebted to each of them.

What inspires me is the desire to write music that is immediately appealing and catchy, while having some far-reaching, unusual or technical aspect to it. An idea that you can be The Killers and King Crimson at the same time, one foot in Finland Station, one foot in Carnegie Hall.


I released an EP called *briefly, which is now on sale on my website,
Songs are also available to download on and