Jonathan Cigary

Jonathan Cigary

 New Haven, Connecticut, USA


27-year-old Jonathan Cigary was born with and has cultivated the talent of writing good songs with beautiful melodies and lyrics that grab at a person's emotions, causing them to remember and react to their deepest desires. Also skilled at singing, producing, arranging, and musicianship (he is proficient at guitar, bass, piano and drums), Jonathan is a record label's dream. A career artist, as opposed to a one-hit wonder, Jonathan has written a wealth of radio-friendly songs and knows how to translate them successfully onto recording. It is only a matter of time before this hidden talent is a staple in every popular music scene on earth. Jonathan was born on July 11, 1983, in Cleveland, Ohio and currently resides in New Haven, Connecticut. Jonathan started strumming around on his dad's guitar so much that his dad was inspired to get him an electric guitar for his 13th birthday. Within two years, he was in a band called Halogen, which he played in all throughout high school. In high school, Jonathan started to realize that he could sing, and even got some major roles in his high school plays as a result of that ability. The guys in Halogen didn't really need him to sing, so at their encouragement, he left Halogen and in a few months (October 2001) joined another band, Unpaved. He took over lead singing and rhythm guitar duties. The band made two CDs (one of them being formally released) and more or less broke up when Jonathan and Unpaved's lead guitarist Daniel both came to Oklahoma City to go to school. Jonathan, however, is still intent on making a life for himself in music. So he is setting out as a solo artist, pursuing a professional career in music. With a number of good songs recorded and produced in his home studio, Jonathan is poised to step into his dream of playing music professionally.


The Trend Of Life And Truth (2010)