Jonathan Convoy

Jonathan Convoy


I am looking to make some heart to heart connections with some good tunes and good times.


I am what you would call a foreign homeslice, born and bred in Canada...with long deep reaching roots into my background mix of Scottish & English blood. I try to see the good in all people and all things.

I have many influences, too numerous to list, but to top them off, The Beatles, The Stone Roses, Oasis, Paul MacLeod and Elliot Smith get the ball rolling. Be forewarned, I will talk your bloody ear off about them. To know me is to know a one-man ad campaign for what I thinks is good and right in the musical world, without a care if you dig it or not.

"Peace & Pints!" I say to you...welcome, enjoy, feel, listen and hopefully take a piece of my heart with you.


Little Fox

Written By: Jonathan Convoy

you say to me life's trials are wearin you
little fox, yer paw trapped, soon you'll chew
light of the day you skirt around
pile of the worry weighs your cart down
filled up and laden by those living underground

my heart breaks into pieces that can't be seen
silence not broken by a pushed down scream
there's no surgery I can perform
no mandates I can reform
why can't ills be lost, mind feel less worn?

you say to me the world is cruel and unfair
my mind manufactures a blank stare
ever widening are the holes
that time makes, by it's hooks in your soul
why can't life just move on,be gone or kindly roll?

why is there is nothing for you I can do?
you hang on for moments that won't bear fruit
Oh I hate to fail you when I try
Oh I wish my hopes for you could die
Oh I wonder when your tears will dry?

Good Time Girl

Written By: Jonathan Convoy

Wakin' up, the air so fresh
I look at you n there goes my breath
you smile at me and I can see
the pretty girl, that makes my heart beat

walkin along, sun on our backs
a glance of you n I'm dead in my tracks
flick of your hair, bat of your eyes
unnh girl, you send me straight up in the sky

lay down beside you, stars above
mmm girl you hypnotize me with your love
small of your back, taste of your neck
head on love collision, best kind of wreck

My sugar, my sweetness
my good time girl
My sugar, my honey
you rock my world


Written By: Jonathan Convoy

I see you standing there
lost in your blank stare
I'm wondrin why you're scared
you say that there's never change,
But you always go and re-arrange
you say there's nothing wrong
but you keep stringing me along
goin on singin the same old song
one I heard many times before,
hope slowly spirals to the floor

Is there's nothing you can say
Is there's nothing you can do
you wince as you feel pain soaked rain falling down on you[x2]
{I said,[on the x2]}

There you sit wondering
about what time will bring
and if to you it means a thing
you have a need for the truth
only then can you start to soothe
questions thrown out at the world
answers comin back rough and scored
leaving you again, the interpreter
now you start to toss to and fro
fretful clockward glance, can you go?

And there's nothing you can do
No there's nothing you can say
You ask yourself one-thousand times why you can't have this day [x2]
{I said,[on the x2]}

love is gentle like a meadow
let it in and soon you'll know
what it takes to kill your sorrow
hopes waiting around the bend
on the weary road you are my friend
you say you can't be strong
I have faith that you are wrong
maybe you'll sing another song
a bright new tune for all to hear
that will scatter to the wind, all your fear

And there's something you can do
Yes, there's something you can say
you make a vow to yourself not to let this slip away[x2]
{I said,[on the x2]}


Upcoming debut album.

Set List

8-10 original songs and a couple of cover tunes.