Jonathan Cour

Jonathan Cour


Jonathan Cour- with sleepy-eyed vocals, breathy as John Mayer and conspiratorial as Howie Day that match the heartfelt, slick tunes on his debut EP. Layers of guitars and subtle keyboards cascade like a shooting star. -Annie Zaleski (Riverfront Times STL MO)


Jonathan Cour is a singer/songwriter based in St. Louis, Missouri. The son of a music teacher, Jonathan’s first musical endeavors were in high school as a drummer for various local bands. In college, Jonathan stepped out from behind the drums, picked up a guitar, and started writing his own songs. Based on the buzz created by his early demos, Jonathan soon found himself traveling across the country to Los Angeles, Nashville, and Tulsa to write and record with some of the music industry’s hottest producers and most decorated songwriters, including Desmond Child (“Livin’ on a Prayer,” “Dude Looks Like a Lady,” “Kiss the Rain”), Annie Roboff (“This Kiss”), and Zac Maloy of The Nixons (“Sister”).

Jonathan’s debut EP, A Motion Picture Scene, is the impressive first result of his travels and efforts, as well as a testament to Jonathan’s natural strengths as a songwriter, singer, musician, and producer. In addition to writing or co-writing five of the six songs on the EP, Jonathan sings all the lead and background vocals himself and plays almost all of the multi-layered guitars and other instrumentation. Whether on the ethereal, yet explosive “Never Come Around,” the heavy groove layered “Softer,” or the driving title track, Jonathan demonstrates throughout A Motion Picture Scene an ability to play just the right part, with just the right tone, to capture and complement the diverse moods and rhythms of each of his different songs.

Jonathan’s talents extend beyond the recording studio. Backed by a who’s who of St. Louis’ best independent musicians, Jonathan’s live performances are quickly becoming the talk of the town. Each member of Jonathan’s band – Grant Essig of Sevenstar (guitar, keyboards, vocals), Matt Hickenbotham of Colony (drums, vocals), Mike Steimel of Just Add Water (bass, vocals), and Dave Alans of Lord Baltimore (lead guitar, vocals) – was handpicked to help Jonathan match live the lush and full production he created for A Motion Picture Scene. Assisted by their talents and experience, Jonathan not only meets this daunting challenge, but takes it up a notch – offering each night an exciting and emotional interpretation of his songs without taking away from the melodies and structure that make them so accessible to the general public. //


Never Come Around

Written By: Jonathan Cour

clouds of grey slip past the moon
why you gotta leave so soon?
time will always tell the truth
it's up to you, i want you to

i hold you
so don't move

i'm standing here and counting stars as they burn on by
i'm stranded here and losing heart and hope to find
a better place inside of me where i hold you high
i thought you'd never come around

don't close your eyes
cause i need you to guide
moving through the sky
your colors spill outside the lines

so close to
so don't move


just one wish that i could never reach
...i've been giving it up, giving it up again...
how could i miss it's right in front of me


Run Away

Written By: Jonathan Cour

Verse 1

maybe it's the way she keeps herself alone and saved
maybe it's her smile that makes me wanna watch her for awhile
maybe it's her words that sing inside my head when i hurt
maybe it's her scent that lingers on my pillow till the next one


don't you open up your arms then run away

Verse 2

maybe it's her tone that makes 'i don't know' a nice way to say no
maybe it's her calls that frustrate me and hang me to the walls
maybe it's her way of seeing if i feel the same old way
maybe it's her lips that stayed tender since the first time we kiss


every other time i start to speak
and every other word i stop to breathe every other breath i start to think what do you see?
every other line i believe
that any other time we could be
but you run away from me



A Motion Picture Scene E.P. (2006)
featuring the singles:
'Never Come Around' and
'Motion Picture Scene'

Set List

Jonthan Cour (full-band)
Performs a 75+ minute set of Jonathan Cour originals and signature covers like; "The district Sleeps Alone Tonight" in the style of The Postal Service, "Sunday Bloody Sunday" (U2) and "Feel Good, INC" (Gorillaz).

The full-band show focuses on recreating the intense orchestration of Jonathan Cour's music while adding a powerful element of musicianship and imagery.

Jonathan Cour (acoustic duo)
Peforms a very dynamic acoustic guitar set that focuses on original music. The duo consists of Jonathan Cour and his guitarist Grant Essig. The tight harmonies and complimentary guitar playing make this both an intimate and explosive show ideal for small clubs or opening for a National act at a large club or theatre.