Jonathan Drolshagen

Jonathan Drolshagen

 Apopka, Florida, USA

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Line Em Up

Written By: Jonathan Drolshagen

Nights I won’t remember,
Friends I can’t forget,
Crawlin’ home on Rugby Road,
And I was gettin’ home a mess.
It’s just the same old bars and loud guitars but I,
Ain’t ashamed to say,
If I could do it all again,
I wouldn’t have it any other way.

And we’ll drive for hours,
Cuz when we get up on that stage,
My friends get hyped when the lights go down,
And then we start to play.

Line ‘em up, throw ‘em down,
Here’s to you and that little ole town,
Here’s to the crazy nights we share.
Line ‘em up, throw ‘em back,
We’re gonna get this thing on track,
Here’s to you and all our friends,
Until we play again.

Lookin’ back on all these years,
On down the line,
We’ll live these nights again,
And shake our heads and smile.
But we’ve got time to spin these wheels,
And brother you can bet,
We’re gonna go out and paint this town,
We’ve got some youth in us yet.


Time Sweet Time

Written By: Jonathan Drolshagen

It’s 3am, and they’re up again,
There’s a storm on the horizon, about to roll-in,
For the next chapter, of this dirty little war,
With two lost lovers, who just can’t stand it anymore.

And they’re a million miles from the night they met,
In the days when they were innocent, and could love without regret,
Wrapped in a moment, that they thought would last forever,
Until life came along, and up and changed the weather.

You don’t have to tell me,
Why they stopped believing,
It’s just broken hearts, bleedin’ on down the line,
And you can see it,
How they’re grieving,
And the only thing that heels these wounds is time,
Just a little old sweet time.

Starin’ out on that Carolina shore,
Just like they had together, at least a million times before,
Listening to the ghosts, of a love that blew away,
He stands there all alone, as the tears run down his face.
And she’s standing on a street corner, underneath that same big sky,
Wondering what he’s doin, as she starts to cry,
She’ll pick up the pieces, and learn to carry on,
But for now she’s simply broken, and standin’ there alone.