Jonathan Dust

Jonathan Dust


Songwriting craftsmanship is the essence of Jonathan Dust .Strong melodies , lyrically punchy and plaintive in equal measure words ,guitars riffs and piano lines are the basic ingredients of an “dustsong” recipe . The rest is for you to find out ….


Back in 1998, Jonathan Dust formed a group of five (vocals and guitar, lead guitar, bass, keyboards and drums) in his hometown, Athens, Greece.In 1999 he signed with an independent record label, and in 2000 he released his first studio album .Studio recordings were followed by shooting a promo video, radio airplay ,TV and radio interviews and many gigs.

It was late 2002 when he decided to head for a new and a far more challenging project: to make his music heard internationally. He named his new band “aelonhead” that comes from the Greek word "aelon" which means something that cannot be touched or grasped by the mind.An ad was placed in NME, requesting lyricists to co write with Jonathan .

Through the NME ads, Maggie, Joe and Jim, based in the UK, joined Jonathan ,to turn what seemed a crazy idea into a real songwriting team . Together they wrote a handful of new songs and when the time seemed right went into the studio to do some demo recordings.

In May 2005 “aelonhead” signed a promotional deal with Chromium records and “Candy” was included in Chromium’s “UK Unsigned Top 20 –2005 Edition” compilation.

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Taxi Driver

Written By: Dust & Gillett

Cruise the National Car Park
She whispers something tender
"I only sleep with humans
But I'll make one exception"

Cruise the National Car Park
Skips the usual jargon
Cops a broken dashboard
And turns and asks the driver

"What's in the glove compartment?
What's in the glove compartment?
... It looks like a gun."

Killing time in a taxi
Round and round all day
He pops her hand on his thigh
For something better to say

She sees a quasi romance
In a mangled Datsun
This guarded gifted servant
Asks another question

"What's in the love department?
What's in the love department?
...It looks like a gun."

Cruising nights to survive


Written By: Dust & Friend

Candy caned it forever, bitter sweet kiss me better
Never fear that I'd leave you, your the one to get me through
Candy can be whatever, sugar's sweetness forever
Candy could be we'll go far, fresh cut over an old scar

Heaven explodes when I kiss her, God only knows why I let her
Turn me to stone

When the rocks start to crumble, turn to stone turn to rubble
Tell myself I could leave you, tell a lie till it comes true
Candy caned it forever, make it worse make it better
Only Candy can hold me, only Candy can know me

Candy caned it forever, Candy caned it forever
Candy can be whatever, Candy can be whatever
Candy can be a taker, Candy can be a faker
Candy Candy heartbreaker, Candy Candy heartbreaker


Written By: Dust & Gillett

A stare across a neon lit bar is all it takes for me
To stop a lull or the daily milieu creeping up on me.

Sees in my eyes a natural problem; spectacles and cheap
I entertain with a mugger's diction; got to show the beast in me.

But not a second more, sense of humour's door slams shut
Oh it's serious, I take a rush and Red Bull rum.

But no fear, rejection complete
It's the ghetto kid in me
Led astray and the magnifiers only hinder me
Excess forward ,the next could be
A Vanessa Paradis
Cafe semi-popstar who finally sticks with me

Useless singer not forgotten that I may or may not see
About the dark pub a student's eye, or the "spoken for" that leave

The colour blind lead more colourful lives than the four-eyed rainbow blessed
I drink four star fuel to fill her up, drive a promise of a love and loss.

When I fell under her spell, the door slams shut
"Don't be serious." She said "Enjoy the mardi gras."

And so FORWARD! - to the forlorn
And lenses same as me
A dozen empties fallen over, she puts "Glasses" on the juke' machine.
Excess forward ,this quite normal
Vanessa parody
Cafe semi-popstar who finally sticks with me.