Jonathan Holtzman

Jonathan Holtzman


I am an original. I play acoustic guitar and sing and my songs are poetic, angsty, melodic, dark. The acoustic guitar's simplicity seems to compliment my somewhat gruff vocals.


I remember my mother listening to 'Yellow Submarine' over and over. When I became old enough to buy my own music I was taken with the Indigo Girls, Cat Stevens, The Greatful Dead, and Paul Simon. I love Sarah MacLachlan undyingly.


A Bolt of Lightning

Written By: Jonathan Holtzman

A Bolt of Lightning

I said baby a man can't hold a bolt of lightning like yourself,
Or follow on the heels of a shooting star,
I see you're a woman of incomparable wealth,
I can see you but you seem so far,

See this world is full of choices and games,
And you'll play them to your best,
When you've done all you came to do,
Come home to me and rest,

Because I'm alright, tonight,

She said I hate to hear you talking like a fool,
Don't you see that I am lying here tonight,
There's no need to lie there trying to act cool,
If you want me just put up a fight,

See in this world nothing comes for free,
I mean everything has its price,
I may not know you half as well as you know me,
But I've been thinking you're kind of nice,

You'll be alright, tonight,

So we talked the night away never getting to the point,
Because she's got a story for every minute of the day,
I drank my bourbon and she smoked another joint,
And I lay there knowing that I might never find a way,

See in this world there are things I know as truths,
With every one comes a chain,
Trying to get a hold of this bolt of lightning,
I spent the last two weeks in vain,

It's alright, tonight

Yesterday's Eyes

Written By: Jonathan Holtzman

Yesterday’s Eyes

Verse 1
I was born,
From the eyes of a misfit came the eye of the storm,
Now my burdens twist this sky with scorn,
And they’re never satisfied with the body that keeps them warm,

I let go,
I was defeated as I lay low,
Don’t you worry about where I go,
Oh this darkness will envelope me I know,

I have southern comfort and pale blue skies,
I have dangerous games and fantastic alibies,
There’s no need to worry and there’s no pleasant surprise,
I just wish I could see through yesterday’s eyes,

Verse 2
My eyes show sorrow,
Countless hopes lost for tomorrow,
I always reap I never sow,
And I lost any faith that I had long ago,


Verse 3
At night they come to me,
The demons I thought had gone to let me be,
I know that once I felt her love for me,
But at times like this it’s just a painful memeory,

A night has come to pass,
And like a spot of dew on the morning grass,
I can see the courage that I amass,
Fading away,


Although I have yet to release an album, I have recorded many tracks, some of which can be heard at

Set List

My typical set is between 45 minutes and an hour, generally composed of 10 originals and two covers. Covers are always obscure, old blues or burried Paul Simon tunes.