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Always On My Mind

Written By: Jonathan Majin, Anna Dwyer

I'll follow you forever
You're always on my mind
Although it may not seem clever
Love like this is hard to find.
The first time that I saw you
I knew that I'd adore you
and that you'd be a special part of my life.
Suddenly, you've become my inspiration,
Don't want to leave this love behind.

ALWAYS, always on my mind
Always (yeah you're) always on my mind.

It was an awkward situation
to ask you at the time.
Seemed that words were insufficient,
when I was up there on Cloud 9.
I wanted to tell you my feelings,
and not just empty meanings.
And I hoped you'd give me a sign,
you'd be mine.
Could this be the beginning to our story ?
Do you feel the same way too ?

ALWAYS, always on my mind
always (you are) always on my mind.

Did you know what I was feeling ?
when I couldn't find words to say.
But by the look in your eyes and your beautiful smile,
I know we'll find a way (Oh)

I'll follow you wherever,
You make me feel complete
I hope that it's forever
as life with you could be so sweet.

ALWAYS, always on my mind.....etc