Jonathan Morning

Jonathan Morning


Jonathan Morning is revolutionizing today’s electronic music scene. Whether it’s an underground desert party or the hottest club in town, his ability to satisfy dancers has no geographical boundaries. As a skillful performer and producer, his ability to cater to his crowd is truly unmatched.


From his body rocking tracks to his mesmerizing trance sets, DJ/producer Jonathan Morning has soundtracked LA's electronic music scene, since he moved to the city in 1994. Morning, a native of the former Soviet Union, has made his presence known with his infectious beats and crafty melodies.

Jonathan Morning performs weekly at events and clubs where he has earned the love and loyalty of thousands of fans. Jonathan has played alongside the world’s top DJ’s including: Christopher Lawrence, Tall Paul, Marco V, Rank 1, Max Graham, DJ Rap, Duran, Victor Dinaire, Kristina Sky, among others. In every appearance, he masterfully moves the crowd, letting the melodies linger long after the last amp has been unplugged.

As with creative talent of divine inspiration, Jonathan started his craft at the age of 10. Experimenting with different musical instruments, he discovered his innate talent for music. As his passion developed, his music became a testament to his breadth of musical genres. His burning desire to succeed and have his music heard fueled him to move to Los Angeles and begin living his dream. Soon enough, Jonathan started producing his own songs and releasing them with an independent record label, “Masterwerks”.

Several of his compositions have been featured on MTV’s “PUNK'd” and the award winning dance theatre “Ramayana 2K2”. His songs have also broken into numerous Internet radio stations and top 40 charts. His rendition of “Sunny” held the #1 position for 12 weeks on the pop chart, while 3 of his original songs claimed a top 10 position (“Flirt” #4 and “Stars Above” #7 and “Bitter with the Sweet” #3) at the same time. Moreover, Jonathan has been featured as an independent artist on and, where “Bitter with the Sweet” charted #1 for 10 weeks. Recently, Morning’s seductive remix of Lorayne's “Something About You” was signed to Deeplay Music, Sweden, released in December 2005. This track also won Vh-1’s Song of the Year Contest in the electronic/dance category. In early 2006, Jonathan was voted the #1 DJ/Producer in the trance music category on for two consecutive weeks.

Jonathan is currently signed to Synchronic Music, a fresh Los Angeles-based label with worldwide distribution through IODA. The extensive list of retailers selling Jonathan’s music includes: iTunes, Walmart, Sony Connect, Napster, and more. His much-anticipated upcoming album titled “5:00 – 7:00AM” captivates the essence of his musical creativity. The album takes you on an uplifting journey through a soulful mixture of emotions.

Jonathan Morning is revolutionizing today’s music by consistently balancing creative and memorable songwriting with cutting-edge sound. His dedication to music and his scene is nothing short of amazing. With every song and every set, Morning changes the world one beat at a time.


1997  "Keep on Dreaming" - Cabernet Records - (full length album)
1998  "Hi" - Cabernet Records - (full length album, limited release)
1998  "Feel Lucky" - Cabernet Records (single)
1999  "Noche" - Masterwerks (vinyl, limited release)
2000  "Lost Fairy" - DUIRecords - (mixed compilation, underground release)
2001  "Free" - DUIRecords - (mixed compilation, underground release)
2001  "Thumpin Bliss" - Masterwerks/ -  (internet release)
2002  "Lucky" - Global Peace Grooves - (featured on compilation)
2002  "Love & Hate" - DUIRecords - (dual mixed compilation CD, underground release)
2002  “Strappin” (Dance Mix)” - Hot Rod/Cheating Glitter - (single remix)
2002  “Dimelo” (House Remix) - Latinfusion - (single remix)
2002  “People All Around the World” (Bounce Mix) - Loud Sunday - (single remix)
2003 "Three Strikes" (Energy Remix) - Echo Productions - American Idol
2003 "Live at Club Grand LA - =Underground.Sound= underground release
2003 "Man on the Moon" (Remix with Darky and Tripeller) - DHV Records
2004 "Prophecy" with Darky and H.P. single (Underground Release) - DHV Records
2004 "Legal Prostitution" - Masterwerks - (for MTV PUNK'd)
2004 "My Love" (single) for Camron (Sony Mid. East.)
2004 "Raketa" (single) for Strawberry and Butterfly - Eurocraft
2004 "Sick with It" (album) for Mz. Lolo - Beatmaker
2004 "Live at Dunes Mojave Desert" (mixed compilation, underground release)
2005 "Into You" (house mix) for J.D. Hall (vinyl nationwide release) - Sunfire Records
2005 "You Got What I want" (single) for J.D. Hall (vinyl nationwide release) - Sunfire Records
2005 "Black Light" (JM Psy Op Mix) (vinyl worldwide release) - DEEPLAY SWEEDEN
2005 "Live at Illuminate" (mixed compilation, underground release)
2005 "Inland Empire" (single, featured on compilation) - Dance Camp
2006 "Over the Rainbow" (box set, worldwide internet release) - Masterwerks
2006 "5:00 - 7:00 AM" (full length album all original production, worldwide release)

Set List

Britney Spears - Someday ( I Will Understand) - (Leama and Moor Mix)
Tandu - Velvet
Junkie XL - Breezer (Extended Mix)
PVD - Vega (Staircase Remix)
Jonathan Morning - Inland Empire
Jan Johnston - Communicate (Shane 54 & Shooty Remix)
Above and Beyond - Air for Life (Andy Moor Vs Above and Beyond Mix)
Ferry Corstein - Right of Way
The Matrix - Protect the Innocence (Cream Team Remix)
Alphazone - Rockin' (Original Club Mix)
The Gream Reaper - Roof is on Fire (Shockwave Mix)