Jonathan Sandler

Jonathan Sandler


Jonathan's music is all about honesty and heart. It's just emotions put into song. He's got a singer/songwriter alternative sound with angry electronic influences. Fans of Alanis Morissette, Edwin McCain, Evanescence, Linkin Park, and Sarah Mclachlan would definitely be fans.


Jonathan has been writing music and performing since he was eight years old. Until recently, he dedicated most of his time to musical theater, writing music on the side for his own enjoyment. He moved to New York City in 2001 to attend Columbia University, and soon after began succeeding on the New York theater scene. At nineteen, he joined Actor’s Equity Association, when he took on the role of Missile Toes in a production of Holiday for Hope at the Bushnell Theater in Hartford, CT. He then booked a spot on MTV Wannabe, on which he “became” the pop sensation JC of *NSYNC and won. Soon after he was cast in the pre-Broadway workshop of Good Vibrations, the Beach Boys musical. Leaving the project before its short-lived Broadway run, Jonathan finished college a semester early with a Bachelor of Arts in Dance. Simultaneous to completing his last semester, he made is off-Broadway debut in The Last Starfighter at the Storm Theater. You can hear him on the cast album for Starfighter, as well as on the original cast recording of The Road to Ruin, a new musical that Jonathan has been part of throughout its development. Jonathan’s other television appearances include Guiding Light and The Late Show with David Letterman. And he’s still only 22. Despite his early success in the academic arena and on the stage, he still felt unfulfilled.
Not one to ever hold back his thoughts and opinions, Jonathan needed a forum in which to simply express himself…not a character, but himself. Therapy Sessions, Jonathan’s debut album, is just that. It’s self-expression. This album is just his thoughts…his feelings. There’s really not much more to it. When he is affected by someone, and it’s always a ‘someone,’ he writes. “The lyrics just come,” he says, “and later when I feel inspired I add the music. I guess I need to marinade in my feelings and the words for a while before the music comes out of me.” Jonathan seeks to create with this album material that people can relate to. “I can’t communicate unless I am singing. The emotions just aren’t there,” he says, “They’re just not strong enough.” One of his favorite artists, an Italian singer named Elisa wrote, ‘Music’s the only reason why I know time still exists.’ Jonathan believes that music is how he knows that he has feelings. Music makes him understand that he is alive. “I can talk all I want, and no matter what I say it seems empty. But when I put myself into a song, I actually communicate.”
This album came about in a whirlwind of emotion, good fortune, and determination. He spent the past two years writing songs about relationships, mostly heartache of course, emotions, obstacles, successes, and his growth. When he was recording the cast album for The Last Starfighter, he was sitting in a recording studio that “gave him a good vibe.” He struck up a conversation with the engineer, Jamie Gustis, he set up a meeting with the producer Joe Baker, and suddenly he was in the middle of recording sessions for this album. Joe is a genius, and Jonathan is blessed to have found him. Without his mastery, this record would not exist. The music was just Jonathan singing about shit that came out on the therapist’s couch at one time or another. And as you probably guessed, that’s where the title came from: Therapy Sessions. This CD is Jonathan…contradictory, complicated, emotional. It is his therapy. This music really can’t be called anything else. Enjoy.



Written By: Jonathan Sandler

This is one of those times when my definition of love
Is thrown out the window
And I realize I don’t know anything

What made you see that I was damaged?
Do I seem broken?
How could you see that I’d created walls?
Why did you want to
Take The time
To Know me?
see me?
See through me?

How did you know I was worth it?
When even I forget
Forget that I don’t show the real me
The man I thirst to share
with you
with you

My stomach, my head, my chest cry
that someone wants me
The true me
The man I don’t let you see
The man who needs to be free
fears emotional liberty
the man I don’t let
you see


Thank you for seeing me
Seeing through me
Thank you for letting me
Taste possibility
Of being loved
Of loving me


I mean…
Thank you


Written By: Jonathan Sandler

You’re empty, closed off, always disappoint me
Make me love you, make me angry
You got my hopes up,
Thought that you could be the one
But Hey I know that I was wrong,
Cuz Bitch now I’m all alone

I want you to be my drug, my high
I dreamed about you every day and night
I inhale every twist of your hips
I breath your body, exhale your lips
I drink you, I drug you, I need you, I breath you
Make me high, touch me right
You are my

I let you play me, I can’t blame you
But I just can’t forget the shit that you put me through
You let me in and
Finally stopped the games you played,
But Bitch then you checked out,
you fucked up, you ran away


Who are you?
Look what you put me through
You stole a piece of me
And you won’t Leave me be
I don’t want you shit
I don’t need this pain
I’m still high from before
You’re my Novocain


Novocain adlibs out


Written By: Jonathan Sandler

I tripped when I first saw you
Really, the door hit me in the ass
Just sitting, reading some notes
Your energy…it stopped me
I need you, I love you, I want you
I don’t even know your name

Could it be that I’m falling hard?
Could it be that I’m out of my head?
Could it be that I’m falling hard?
Maybe I’m just falling instead

I don’t know why I can’t
Help, but look at you
Or why I feel centered
After one night of drinks
Or why energy rumbles inside of me
Stirs my sleep
And changes the air I breath


Why do my eyes blur when I stare back at you?
How can I feel you when nothing has moved?
Why do I stumble when just air’s in my way?
Why am I falling apart?
Why am I falling apart?
Why am I falling apart?



Therapy Sessions is my debut CD, available for download on Napster and eMusic, purchase at and, and streaming at

Set List

A typical set for me is 35-40 min. consisting of:
Novocain, original, 4 min
Break, original, 4 min
Falling, original, 4 min
Perfect, Simple Plan, 4 min
It's My Life, Bon Jovi, 4 min
Missing Me, original, 4 min
I'm Listening, original, 4 min
Damaged, original, 4 min
You Make me Laugh, original, 4 min