Jonathan Shue

Jonathan Shue


Contemporary rock/blues/folk pop.


An accomplished multi-instrumentalist, singer and actor, Jonathan has performed at home and abroad, including venues in New Zealand, the Cook Islands, Fiji and the United Kingdom. Most recently he has appeared at such Los Angeles venues as Room 5, BB King’s Blues Club, Falcon, The Mint, The Joint and the Silverlake Lounge.

Having grown up in a house filled with blues, folk and gospel music, his sound reaches deep into the well of American roots music. At the same time, his songs have a contemporary edge that makes them marketable to a variety of audiences. At the heart of his songs are good stories, great melodies and hooks as well as superb arrangements.

Jonathan has self-released two previous EPs, The Unknown Prospector and Desire & Ordinary Things. His latest, In The Valley of Heart’s Delight, features a full band backing him on two new songs, a Dylanesque “Orangecoat” and Ray Charles-inspired “Honesty Gets Me In Trouble,” as well as a cover of the classic Dolly Parton song, “Jolene.” The disc opens with an original acoustic number, “Bartholomew,” the surrealistic tale of a man who tries to fly.

Light-hearted sophistication is at the core Jonathan’s music, a synthesis of folk, blues, jazz, soul and rock.



Written By: Jonatha Shue

My story's not new
Just a different time and place
I'm an orangecoat from birth
Til they lay me in my grave
Saving lives is no joke
And I worked harder than most
But it's the only kind of business
When you pray that it's slow

It came out of the blue
Just like all the other calls
They were trapped in a mine
Near Chesapeake Falls
When I get there there's hope
That they're still alive
And though the minutes are ticking
We've got God on our side

We started drilling
Through the mud and the rock
We always try to get them
To sing or to talk
'Cause if we can hear them
Then we know that they're alive
It could have been the wind
But I thought I heard a cry

A few hours later
It was already night
Down the hole
We shined our light
I was getting closer
To the marked men
And that's when all
The insanity began

Back on dry land
A miracle was reported
All twelve miners
Were alive though injured
It wasn't true
Even with all of God's powers
They were all dead
And had been for hours

They asked me why I told them
That they were all still alive
I said I never said
Nothing of the kind
I just wanted to believe
That they were still breathing
Just like everyone else out there
On that wretched evening

So if you're ever out
Near Chesapeake Falls
And you think you hear
Something that calls
Won't you pray to God
To have my soul saved
I'm an orangecoat from birth
Til they lay me in my grave

Chasing Hurricanes

Written By: Jonathan Shue

I remember the first time we kissed
Boy how the sparks flew off
It set in motion a chain of events
There was no way we could be stopped

But we both had other attachments
And you know that was part of the thrill
You know I love my baby's tricks
If we could we would surely kill

But somewhere deep inside
A question arises

Are we just chasing hurricanes?
Are we just playing the same old games?
'Cause now we're just haunted
By what we wanted
And everyday it's got a different name

Leaving you was a sad, sad victory
It took all I had and more
And I'm still missing you and I know you're missing me
Baby I'm still waiting by the door

Repeat pre-chorus
Repeat chorus

Everybody told me it was the only thing to do
Boy you've got to move on
Even though my heart keeps running after you
We both know that it's wrong

Every morning when I wake up
My arms reach out to you
It's like you never left at all
With every passing day I think less and less of you
And I resist the urge to call

Repeat pre-chorus
Repeat chorus


The Unknown Prospector
Desire + Ordinary Things
In The Valley Of Heart's Delight

Set List

Chasing Hurricanes
Love On Loan
The Wilderness
Breaking My Promise Again