Jonathan's Machete

Jonathan's Machete


I constantly say we are inbetween genres. We are not quite an alt. rock band, not quite a jam band, not quite a love ballad band...we have a unique arrangement of all of these styles. We are under the radar but we will make you stop look and listen!


We have always been heavily influenced by bands that take many genres and melt them into a soud that rocks with more than just volume. With each song we write we attempt to incorporate a certain level of musical talent and originality while still maintaining a level of listenability. Our unique sound stems from our supprisingly pleasant vocals, our thoughtful lyrics, and tasteful musicianship. Our sound has been refered to as "Jazz with a pop rock edge" but every now and then we know how to strip it down and just Rock!


Flexible Flyer (EP Oct. 2008)

Set List

We have about 15 originals and an extensive list of covers. We are well veresed in the bar cover scene as well as the featured show scene.