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All the Sad Young Men

Written By: Jonathan Steffen

All the sad young men
Long ago and far away
We were rhymin’ with Simon
American Pie men
With weeping guitars

And we all
Learned at seventeen
About a simple twist of fate
We were strumming our pain
It was goodbye again
And the right thing to do, Baby Blue

All those years
On the New Jersey Turnpike in search of America
Fire and Rain in the sky
Born to run
In the freewheeling badlands of rolling-stone one-night stands
It’s too late, but you don’t have to cry

We all knew Suzanne
We all knew poor Nancy, too
Alone with no secrets
The first cut the deepest
The fourth time around

And we all
Knocked on heaven’s door
Searched for diamonds in the rust
In the Chelsea Hotel
We remembered so well
From our own Grande Affaire
So far away

Don’t think twice
Of the crossroads of yesterday when I first saw your face
Last year’s man still hanging on the wire
It’s all right
If you think that this song is about you, it may be true
I’m still singing in the midnight choir

Me and my guitar
Always in the same old mood
With a song for the asking
A moonshadow passing
And looking at clouds
From both sides now

You’ve still got a friend
I’ve still got a hungry heart
And the screen door’s still slamming
Roy Orbison’s standing
And watching us drive down Thunder Road
Down Thunder Road
Mary’s dress still waves on Thunder Road