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Jonathan Taylor

Sevlievo, Gabrovo, Bulgaria | SELF

Sevlievo, Gabrovo, Bulgaria | SELF
Band Folk Acoustic


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"Audience Feedback"

Jonathan Taylor - English singer / songwriter (Republic Of Bulgaria)


'The Prime Minister has instructed me to write and thank you for this CD'

Direct Communications Unit of Gordon Brown Brirsh Prime Minister, 11 Downing St, London.
With reference to The 'Holocasut Denier' 2009.

'Jonathan who has real talent has identified the crimes that are committed in our name. The songs are beautiful and the cause a worthy one'

Tony Benn. British Politician, Author & Anti-War Activist.

'This song (The Holocaust Denier) was magic, In the right way the gravitas of it is completely delivered.'

Jonathan I'Anson, BBC Radio Leeds.

'a rare talent indeed', 'the possessor of a marvelous dusty, dusky voice full of resonance and beauty' 'writes awe-inspiring songs, both lyrics and melody' - 'deeply moving', 'iconic' and 'profound'

Andrew Liddle, Halifax Evening Courier. Victoria Theatre Concert Review.

'A Useful Fool" by far the best songs you have so far produced, melodies, recording and lyrics were brilliant. It's been on the CD player constantly, .... and I've played several tracks from it on The Akoustik Hour.'

Stan Graham. Award Winning Songwriter. Presenter: Community Radio & BBC Radio York.

'At times moving, sad, funny, uplifting and contemplative. Provocative and evocative. An evening for thinking about war in all its realities, without either glorifying or ridiculing those who took part in it.'

Audience feedback, Remebrance Day Service 2010. Settle Victoria Theatre.

'I've had a listen to your music on MySpace and I must say I think your voice is simply fantastic! You are a great orator and a pleasure to listen to. I'd love a copy of your album.'

Faith Wilkinson - Production team - BBC

'You sound like the UK Vissotzky - accentuating on messages and lyrics, not only the music which is good.'

Kiril Zdravkov. Manager Cosmic Voices

'His voice is quite mesmorising... it really makes you listen... I almost forgot to line up the next track'

Annie Vanders - BCB Radio. .

'Partisan was the official song of our tour, I think we played it a hundred times in the car.'

'Cobario.' Florian Stradner Mangement - Vienna.

'I also want you to know that we have been getting great feedback on your song (Valentine.) I haven't come across anyone who doesn't like it.'

Gari Sullivan - Producer: The Sixteenth Touch

'I bet lots of people say that but you've got an amazing voice, really intense - wow!' AND 'your music is inspired,' it was "simple and sincere - Fresh magic in a choking, dusty world'

Audience feedback - Cowling House Concerts

'I've been reading a poetry anthology called 'Up the line to death 1914-18' and I've never heard songs capturing the feeling of being out there so well.'

Kirsten Guschal.

'Jonathan is a thoughtful and intelligent lyric writer and a superb musician. His voice ranges from Cat Stevenesque right through to smoky blues.'

Richard Hollis. The Unofficial Steeleye Span Website

'Visited your website, downloaded the album (Debut - The Collection) and liked what I heard very much. I've put a little plug for it onto The Folk Corporation's forum.'


'Jonathan comes from a very talented family and talented he is!'

The Country Star Page

'He has a fabulous voice, really rich and resonant and full of emotion, very distinctive,' 'a really courageous song-writer.' ' writes and sings about issues that many people want to shove away or sweep under the carpet.

State Of Undress.

'I enjoyed your performace. I found it, gritty, honest and sensitive. Thanks.'

Audience Feedback. Hebden Bridge Trades Club. 2009.

'When I saw a song had been written about the contents of Great Grandfather's box my initial reaction was - how could it possibly be done, and with a list too. Well, I think it's been done in a very clever way, and I really enjoyed it! It left me humming... Congratulations Jonathan.'

Post on the classic thread 'This Is The Secret Of Grandad's Trunk,' The Great War Forum.

- Various

"Touch Of The Neil Young About Jon!"

Touch Of The Neil Young About Jon!

Halifax Evening Courier. April 24th 2009. Hub a Bub at QFolk, The Victoria Theatre, Halifax. UK.

Maybe it's something in the West Riding air or water, but we do seem blessed at the moment with some prodigious talent in the folk world, as John Sharp, QFolks promoter, continues to demonstrate. Jonathan Taylor, Warwick born but these days very much a Halifax lad, is a rare talent indeed. Not only is he the possessor of a marvellously dusty, dusky voice full of resonance and beauty, which invites comparison with Neil Young in vocal colour if not in style, but he writes some awe-inspiring songs, both lyrics and melody. His partner, Shipley based Steve Wilkinson is a poet of the Northern Voice School, refreshing in his use of conventional metrical patterns and rhyme schemes, whose pithily worded poems often take the form of dramatic monologues or dialogues. Together, they launched into an 'anti war pro soldier' tirade, beginning with The Great War and coming right up to date with that in Iraq. Jonathan's Soldier, Soldier, Don't Look Back was deeply moving, and perfectly complimented by Steve's heart felt tribute to Shipley born Sgt Steven Roberts, the first British soldier to die in the 2003 invasion of Iraq. In a varied second half, Jonathan turned romantic and sang some beautiful songs, including his own tear jerker 'Please Close The Door Quietly,' the iconic 'I Put A Spell On You' and, would you believe, a profound version of 'Dolly Parton's Jolene.' And Steve gave the world premier of his satirical take on the eccentric Greek philosopher, Diogenes.

Author: Andrew Liddle

- Halifax Evening Courier. April 24th 2009.


Current titles available from the Brittunculi catalogue (his home label) include the new album 'All The Kings Horses 2010' and previous albums 'The Holocaust Denier', 'A Useful Fool', 'Songs Of The Fete de la Musique,' 'Partisan' and 'F**king England , An Anthology' (Parental Advisory.) Anthology being a collection of work spanning the previous 20 years. Also available is a fourth live album 'The Frizinghall Tapes' (it was all meant to be a bit of a joke at the time) which was produced to give a 'representation of his live performance.' Following on from his charitable appearence at the Sofia Art Gallery where he performed alongside Bulgaria's most famous acapella choir 'Cosmic Voices' he released Debut - The Collection (A best off) to be sold to raise money for the BSAPP (Bulgarian Society for Animal Protection and Preservation.) A second fundraising CD 'The Dogs Bollocks, (as featured in National Geograhic Magazine) a compilation by various artists and friends which replaces the original fundraiser is also available and fully endorsed by Judy Dyble (ex Fairport Convention) - Please help us raise the vital funds needed.



About Jonathan Taylor: Jonathan is the great grandson of soprano singer and early cylindrical recording pioneer Rebecca Johnson (nee Reeves), grandson of Ivy (nee Johnson) Usher (a play anything by ear pianist) and a cousin of folk legend Robert (Bob) Johnson - Steeleye Span. His elder brother Mark and youngest son Jonathan also pursue careers in music and performance arts. He was born at 16 Browning Avenue, Warwick in 1966. He grew up as a child in Wiltshire, Monmouthshire and Gloustershire but settled as an adult for over 20 years in West Yorkshire. However Bulgaria is now where he spends most of his free time. 'It's a beautiful rural village in North Central Bulgaria and birthplace of the Bulgarian Partisan movement, infact the house itself was a Partisan hide-out where resistance fighters were hidden throughout WW2', he says, 'There's a song in there somewhere.'