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Jonathan Thomas

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I primarily consider myself an electric bass player and I am available for freelance work. I can read music and am comfortable in a variety of styles including jazz (bebop and smooth), adult contemporary, rock, praise & worship, country and a number of other styles.


I started on violin at the age of 2. I started teaching myself bass guitar at 13 and it's the instrument I most enjoy. I played in a number of high school bands and played my local clubs at 17 in a band called Meridian. After that, I was in various groups where I was doing quadruple duty as band member, band leader, vocalist and writer. Since then I've become involved in a number of different local projects including the praise and worship team at two churches, playing in a tejano band, some instrumental jazz projects, and what ever else I can find to keep busy. It's all about finding situations to help me grow as a musician.


In Memory of You

Written By: Jonathan Thomas

My eyes wide open thought wandering through the night,
Am I rid of you, ‘cause my body wants to hold you tight,
Memories taking all my time,
Thoughts changing from red to blue,
My heart is still beating but it skips sometimes
In memory of you,

I tell myself that you’ll fade away and I am still the same,
I can’t remember your face but my love for you it still remains,
I’m in a lonely place, such a lonely place,
Where I hope to find somebody new,
My heart is still beating but it skips sometimes
In memory of you,

I try to deny it,
But my body it screams for you,
I try to defy it,
But to you it will always be true,
You gave life to me,
Like water on the desert sand,
Come back to me,
This is nothing like what I had planned,

In deepest night when I close my eyes and sleep it beckons me,
Peace finally comes to my tired mind, but you’re always in my dreams,
Why does it hurt so bad just to try to get on?
Is this what love’s supposed to do?
My heart is still beating but it skips sometimes,
In memory of you


Written By: Jonathan Thomas

Instead of knowing you, I left but stinking ash,
Nothing more to gain, but ever looking back,
Do you smile now? Why do you cry?
I wonder all these things and my whole body sighs

I may just look around and by some fleeting chance,
I may recognize a gesture, or catch a fearful glance,
I think about it now, I forget about it then,
Where was all the meaning in such a crushing whim,

Hello and goodbye, how the time does fly,
When I last saw the face that left me cold and dry,
I wonder what you’re doing, I wonder where you went,
I think about you sometimes, always with lament,

I have another now, I’m not looking quite the same,
Jobs have come and gone, part of life’s relentless game,
But I’m sure it has for you, your clock ticks just as mine,
If you care to talk again, I have much less on the line,

But what do you have with me? I fully understand,
I’m sure you’re much too careful, and hold another’s hand,
But you will always be here, somewhere inside of me,
A memory of youthful beauty, but a face I cannot see,

I wonder in the future, my hair a silver gray,
Will I laugh at youthful years or try to shoo them all away?
But when your eyes have faded, you’re old and somewhat bored,
I hope when you remember me you know you were adored,

Never Say Goodbye

Written By: Jonathan Thomas

I never see the moon and stars,
I never bother to look that way or ever see that far,
The only dreams that I ever need,
Are the ones at night in my soul’s deepest sleep,

This time I’ll do all I can so she won’t go away,
Now I know what was wrong and I will not let her stray,
Never will I say goodbye again,

Why do so many things fly away?
Why are there so many clouds to darken the day?
I only want my time to be filled with laughter,
But why do they go all wrong, these dreams I chase after?

This is what I say to a dream,
Nothing has to be what it seems,
Nothing lasts forever,
But the legacy of my endeavor,


Will Hale and The Tadpole Parade - Perfect World
Amy Angeline (self-titled)
Stacy Hanson - My Gift
Batume - All In It
Currently working on a solo CD and my jazz group Kolaberate has a CD coming out very soon. Currently I'm also recording with some local Gospel quartets.

Set List

Take A Chance
Got Alot Goin' On
Make Time
All I really Need Is You
Make You Mine