Jonathon Christmas

Jonathon Christmas


Melodramatic songs of piano and harmony, and punk as fuck.


Jonathon Christmas is an artist that craves classification, while simultaneously denying it. "I'd like to say I'm the Wes Anderson of melodramatic, feyly-fronted piano pop songs," he says with hip flask in one hand and rustic cigarillo in the other.

Drawing inspiration from the mystical abandoned grain depots and tobacco barns of the Middle West, as well as from imported curiousa such as Cocteau Twins, Microdisney and Edith Piaf (though not necessarily sounding too much like any of them), Jonathon Christmas's Jenuet-styled Indiana is a glass of cheap champagne in a derelict trailer with the TV still on (to those who are impressed by such metaphors).

On a small footnote, Jonathon Christmas toured (as Jonathon Christopher Newby) internationally for nearly 7 years with the psychedelic prog-band Brazil (4 of those years whilst inebriated), releasing 3 albums and recording with the likes of Dave Fridmann, Alex Newport and M.G. Miller, whom no one really knows, but is entirely trusted by Jonathon Christmas.

On an even smaller footnote, after burning his way through 2 labels, 2 managers and 3 agents, Jonathon Christmas has decided it's now time to turn a deaf ear to almost anything that stinks of industry.

When asked whether this is an affront to the fading business model dinosaurs of the past several decades or simply a personal statement of self-reliance and nobel Ayn Rand-like selfishness, Christmas merely states, "Yep."


Love Is A Four-Legged Word

Written By: Jonathon Christmas

Somebody said that love is dead
(Spoken like a lonely bitter head)

If you deny your eyes my replies
mosquito bites will close my airways

Love is a four legged word

Do you remember the time I was drunk
and I made your head spin around
like a sixteen-hr plane ride?

When the spiders came out from behind the bed and your teeth fell out like a gypsy woman...

Love is a four-legged word

Remembery Sauce (or Fuck if I Can Recall)

Written By: Jonathon Christmas

Tell me your name again
Once more it will sink in

Oh yes, I knew it all along!

(Now) If i could remember the tune of the song...

I never knew your name was taken from an opera! Mamma mia!

When the curtain's calling
and the maudlin's modelling
I am not recalling you

(Now) If I could remember the tune of the song...

I never knew your name was taken from an opera! Mamma mia!

I met you in another life
I found you with a kitchen knife
They say you are the preacher's wife

I knew knew your name was taken from an opera! Mamma mia!


Jonathon Christmas is working on the albums Love Is a Four-Legged Word, Sagamore of the Wabash, Indiannna, Yeah Yeah What, Husherville, 1981, and Live from Petroleum simultaneously.

Set List

A typical Jonathon Christmas setlist can average anywhere from 10 minutes to 2 hours. Songs included are:

-Love Is a Four-Legged Word
-Remembery Sauce
-Sagamore of the Wabash
-That's What I Knowed
-A Bump in Your Cheek
-Tail Lights on the Perimeter
-Uppity Fields of Green
-To Whom Does this Ear Belong?
-Sleeping in a Silo

-and many more, including covers by Bowie and Eno.