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Jon Bauer @ Educator Convention

Washington, District of Columbia, USA

Washington, District of Columbia, USA

Jon Bauer @ Educator Convention

Washington, District of Columbia, USA

Washington, District of Columbia, USA

Jon Bauer @ ACSI Conference

Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA

Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA

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Jon Bauer - Surround CD - REVIEW - RATING - 10/10

Former pastor, and teacher, Jon Bauer now travels throughout North America spreading the message of hope, grace, and redemption in song. Surround is his sophomore disc, and it shows a depth and understanding of the Christian faith while still being accessible to youth and new believers.

Rarely do you find an artist who does everything right at putting out a record while still keeping His word and ministry at the focal point. Jon Bauer masterfully blends a mixture of Pop and Praise & Worship, and he and Jeff Watt approach the level of craftsmanship of Chris Tomlin as songwriters.

Awaken certainly does just that to the listener as heavy guitars rock the intro. But then it opens up to Jon’s “now”-sounding lead vocal gently crooning a wonderfully melodic verse. The production of this song and the entire CD is top-notch and the counter melodies of the guitar arrangements are just stupendous. Awaken has a strong Chorus hook that can be sung in any church with a bit more mellow arrangement, but as a listener you will fall in love from the onset with the style and strong message that Jon brings to the table.

Call to Me is very heartfelt lyrically and you don’t want to miss His message while enthralled in the guitar laden arrangements. The middle bridge is brilliant, with production setting a mood that gives you Spiritual chills right before a catchy Jeff Watt guitar solo. The musical instrumentation is so good you nearly forget that Jon’s voice is the main instrument holding the song together. It really is a wonderful blend and an incredible job from the producers and engineers. The mix and mastering efforts enhance this sound to as good as any major label, if not better.

The title track, Surround, is a smooth production with another catchy chorus that definitely sticks with you (a goal of any praise and worship songwriter), but the production is so strong you forget that this is a praise and worship song. The last couple of minutes of Surround mesmerize the listener. You are literally surrounded in a wall of intricate complementing puzzle parts that fit together to create a picture-perfect song.

Holy Lord is a straightforward praise and worship song with lyrics and a melody that are congregational friendly. The backing vocals and worship choir are as good as you can find, and the vocal mixes certainly bring out these talented singers who enhance Jon’s very rich and smooth lead vocal. “Giver of Grace, there is no other one like You,” says it all. Jon mixes things up slightly by going acoustic on a song that certainly warrants such. But, again, production is never forgotten on this record as the song builds by the two minute mark with added instrumentation and fantastic female (Michelle Swift and Caris Rinas) backup vocals. The song ends with Jon and guitar, just as it started.

At track number six is the best cut on the album, A Love To Die For, a clever song giving to Him all of what we are for the God who gave His life for us. This needs to be on the radio for decades as it will stand the test of time, a well written song is just that. Michael W. Smith comes to mind when listening to this masterpiece; the quality and the ‘it’ factor are both there in spades. There is obvious pre-production programming involved in this venture and any good musician will do all they can digitally before they shell out the studio bucks. Most listeners don’t care about the nuts and bolts that make up a four minute track, but trust me, the level of commitment that Jon put forth in this final product was extreme. The material of Surround is so strong that this gem isn’t even included in the press kit.

Glorious to Me just keeps the hit parade marching along. The chorus hooks are just unmatched. What few will notice is that they are not hitting the skip button because Jon does not give into temptation and varies different styles, he stays steady, yet keeps it interesting. Continuity is something many artists do not adhere too, but again this well thought-out project has every single song in the right track slot.

You Are is reminiscent of Dana Key’s last solo CD, Part of the Mystery. Again, good company to be compared to. The jazzy guitar strumming certainly gives the listener a sense of variety without straying off too far, the Chorus reminds you that it’s still a praise song for Him, and just a tight woven track with strong female backups and adlibs. If you listen closely, you can hear mandolin.

It Was Your Love is not a normal next-to-last number, it’s a worshipful full song that has clever backups effects that I’ve heard employed by the masters of Pop in Sweden, Roxette. Did we mention Jon is a Canadian-based artist? His music reaches out to the world and his being a worship leader certainly takes the limelight in the final track, the famous Holy, Holy, Holy. Starting off with simple piano on the final track is smart and well placed, but it’s such a worshipful recording and the slight melodic arrangement complete with choir make this just icing on the cake of this incredible album.

The Lord is this album’s vision from start to finish, no compromise and His excellence is achieved. Jon is a solo artist, but he couldn’t do this alone, and he has surrounded himself with a phenomenal team, right down to the accompanying promotional interactive CD that plays five tracks and provides links to his videos, press clips, and bio. You can even download mp3s from it! We can anticipate perfect 10 after perfect 10 from Jon if the combination that comprises this CD stays intact. Surround stands up with anything produced (indie or label) in the last few years. It is a truly rare find.

Reviewed by Paul Gentry

Jon Bauer - Life of Worship CD - REVIEW - RATING 9/10

Since the release of his debut album 'Life Of Worship' in 2003, Canadian worship leader Jon Bauer has won the Shai Award (Canada's equivalent of the Dove Awards) for New Artist Of The Year and has been nominated for a variety of other awards. His latest release sees him in continuing good form and features 10 self-penned songs produced by Bauer and band members Dave Clo and Jeff Watt. Setting the tone for an album of high octane guitar-driven worship songs, proceedings kick off with the energetic call to worship "Awaken" before launching into "Call Me" which showcases Bauer's ability to communicate God's heart through song. The album takes a more gentle turn with the likes of "Holy Lord" and "Giver Of Grace" before closing with a pleasing version of the old hymn "Holy Holy Holy" complete with a rousing new coda from Bauer. This is a fine collection of new worship songs from an artist whose output just gets better and better.

Reviewed by Lins Honeyman
- • • United Kingdom -

Listen with joy. Canada is quietly producing quality P&W talent that ranks well with its USA & UK brethren. Jon Bauer is a quality grassroots Worship Leader & Songwriter born and based in Alberta, Canada. He tours full-time internationally - singing, speaking and teaching on worship at conferences, churches, and schools. A passionate-voiced modern worshiper, he incorporates zeal with a natural vocal gifting into these impressive Alberta and Tennessee studio sessions. He’s up there among the best that I have heard in many a year! This solid album is a healthy dose of more upbeat, mainly self-penned, P&W songs. Plain-spoken worshipful lyrics aspire heavenward to a background of quality sessioners. Very welcome, an excellent mix that works magnificently. Vocal talent and an engaging passion lead into a blessed experience.

Reviewed by Paul Davis


Solo Projects

2008- Giver of Grace: Kids Worship - Crossway Records
2007 - Surround CD - Crossway Records
2005 - Life of Worship CD - Crossway Records


2008 Worship Leader Magazine – Song Discovery
2007 Hosanna Integrity’s Maximum Worship
2007 Sea to Sea: the Voice of Creation
2006 Sea to Sea: For Endless Days
2005 Sea to Sea: I See the Cross
2005 Merge: Various Artists


2008 Jon Bauer CD Songbook
2005 Life of Worship



Since we last heard from Jon Bauer in 2005 with his critically acclaimed debut disc, Life of Worship, the Canadian Christian Artist and Worship Leader has been on a mission with a message of encouragement to the church to live out their worship to God.

With his teaching background, Jon has opened up his ministry from the classroom to reach into the hearts of tens of thousands of people throughout North America. Ministering and teaching on worship full time across North America, Jon’s mission is to break through the notion that worship is not only a song that we sing…it’s a lifestyle that we live, one that reaches out to a hurting world.

“There is too much at stake in our world right now to simply sing out our worship on a Sunday morning only to return to our homes, schools, or places of work on Monday forgetting and not living what we sing. God is not only present when we sing on a Sunday morning, He is present in those simple moments of our day…when we sense Him asking us to do or say something to those around us, to represent Jesus to this world. I have found that when we are obedient to God in those moments of our day, we truly show Jesus to this hurting world….it is worship to God in ways that I had never considered to be worship in the past. “

Jon has found favor to share this message with a wide demographic. With over twelve years experience as a worship leader and pastor, doors have opened for him minister to multigenerational churches and events.

Coming from a heritage of educators and his own experience within the classroom, God has also granted Jon favor to sing and speak to thousands of students and teachers on a national and international level.

“I know I could not be doing what I am doing today without the equipping years that God walked me through over the last decade. God is incredible, His timing is perfect and the things that I did not always understand, God has them planned out just right!”

Today Jon finds himself rooted in ministry at St. Albert Alliance Church, just outside of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada as an Itinerant Worship Associate. The church has whole heatedly embraced Jon and his ministry. When Jon is not touring as a Recording Artist/Worship Leader he returns home monthly to lead worship and stay connected with his home church family. This allows for a solid grounding and accountability that sometimes can be overlooked by touring artists.

One of the key messages found on both CDs – Life of Worship and his most recent release Surround is Jon’s heart to present our lives as worship unto God so that Jesus may be seen in us. Jon’s first radio single “Awaken” from his new CD hit the top five Canadian Christian songs within the first month of release. The song cries out to God asking Him to “Awaken His might in us…that Jesus may be seen…that Jesus may be found in us!”

During his equipping years Jon and his wife Andrea traveled with Youth With a Mission (YWAM) overseas to Malaysia and Thailand where their hearts were broken for the things that break God’s heart. It was because of this experience that for the last two years Jon has been partnered with World Vision, a Christian humanitarian organization. Jon is passionate about and counts it a privilege to share this opportunity to worship the Lord through child sponsorship. Over 1400 children have been sponsored through Jon’s events over the last few years.

In March 2007, Jon and his wife had the opportunity to travel down to Guatemala to meet Evelyn, one of their sponsor children, who they have sponsored for over six years.

“To say it was life changing was truly an understatement. You never really know what it means to be the hands and feet of Jesus to a hurting world until you look into the face of one of His children a world away. A child who has been counting on you each month for water to drink and food to eat. When we looked into her eyes, we saw a thankfulness that we will never fully comprehend. We saw first hand what our small sacrifice each month has given to Evelyn, her family, and her community. It has given her hope for the future! This is something that wouldn’t have been accomplished without our decision to make a difference one little child at a time.”

Jon’s new release – Surround gives fresh words that allow listeners to express their hearts and desires to God, even in their desert times. From the radio dial to thousands of congregations globally each week, Jon’s melodies and lyrics can be heard branching out with sounds that include a mix of pop, acoustic rock, and worship.

Jon is known as a songwriter who writes with the church in mind. Songs like “Awaken”, “Glorious to Me”, and “Giver of Grace” reflect the song writing styles of worship leaders such as Chris Tomlin and Tim Hughes, while other songs like “Surround” and “You Are” take on a more modern radio approach likening to the sounds of Coldplay or Dave Matthews Band. “Holy, Holy, Holy”, one of Jo