Killeen, Texas, USA
BandHip Hop

I am a solo artist, and I am originally from this city. I have always wanted to perform here. My genre is Rap/Hip Hop, but there is little to no cursing in my lyrics and no direspecting women.


Behind the artist’s name lie his pain, perseverance, and success. Pain first entered his life when he suffered a severe knee injury, ending his basketball career in high school. His agony only grew more after learning that his younger brother (Jonathan), was sentenced to 50 years in prison. To combat this drama, the destined star sought salvation in music. Honoring his brother, Raymond aka JonBoi (the nickname of his brother) and began his journey to a successful musical career. Starting off, JonBoi’s name grew from Texas to Georgia performing for the youth at local night clubs. The talented artist was soon signed under management teams, but improper guidance led him astray. Salvaging his music career, JonBoi became an independent artist creating music, self-promoting, and networking within the industry. After several attempts to overcome what could have been the end of a hard fought career, Raymond continued to have faith. He founded JonBoi Music early 2007, an umbrella formed over Outtaline Click and began to devise a strategic plan that would change his life, along with his fellow brothers...... Now signed with the new and hottest record label Nuvizion Records, Raymond is well on his way to achieving success in the hip hop game!....................JonBoi 4 Life!

Set List

Bottom 2 Da Top
I'm On It