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Jon-C's Music Is A Description Of Winnipegs Worst Area's, And Povertys Restricted Living Style.Full Of Metaphors,Punchlines, Semilies And Melodies. His Music Puts You In The Drivers Seat Of A Wpg Native's Man Perspective. With Winnipegs Best Producers Behind Him He Create's Classic's On A New Scale


Jon-C A Co-Founder & Part Owner of Heatbag Records Born Billy Pierson a First Nation Aboriginal Raised in Winnipeg, Manitoba’s Troubled North end. He started Rapping after 3 Close Friends Were Murdered. Replacing Pain with a Voice, And Turning Thoughts into Bars Jon-C Quickly Seen Music as an Outlet to the Harsh Environment of Winnipeg's Inner City. After Face to Face Encounters With The Law, Gangs, Drugs And Jail Jon-C Moulded A Respected Rap Style. Known for Being a Heatbag, an Unconscious Lifestyle of Carelessness Consequences he gives you a Realistic Look of Winnipeg’s Rough Streets. His Words Weigh Heavy Like The Weight of 6 Dead Brothers. Well aware that while Canada is a beacon of hope internationally, it left young people like him out in the cold. Jon-C State’s “My revenge starts with personal redemption. And My war is with a system designed for failure.” Although In spite of all this, he’s succeeded in becoming a pillar in his community.

Jon-c Began Emerging in Winnipeg’s Underground Hip-Hop Scene In 2006 Alongside the Newly Formed Heatbag Records Team. In Jan 2007 Heatbag Records Released There First Project N.S.H.B (North side Heat bags) Vol.1 Heatbag Records Was Born. Shortly After They Released There 2nd Project In December Of 2007-Titled Weight Junkies In July Of 2008 Jon-c And Heatbag Records Released A Mix tape Titled The Lost tapes A Free Online Mix tape. Since then, Heatbag Records has become a movement in the streets of Winnipeg that speaks for that city’s huge population of disadvantaged youth. They’ve mounted sold-out shows, launched a popular line of merchandise and opened a successful clothing retailer in the City’s North End. Currently Jon-C Has Completed and Released His First Solo Album Titled "Jon-C Da General Blood Sweat & Tears”. Released January 2009, The Album Features Talent From Around Canada, High Profile hip hop Artists to Canadian Super Producers. Features on the album, come from Young Kazh (koruption Camp) Azmatik, Chancewon, Charlie Fettah, Brooklyn, Bubblz, Zkilla, Ed e Buk, and Ashley Blakk. Backed by Production from Some of Canada's Best Producers. Big Stomp, Kid P, Boogey, Trizzle, Double N, and CTL’s LJ.

The Work Put Into To This Album Speaks For It Self. You Can Say he truly has Came along Way in Winnipeg's Underground Hip Hop Scene...Jon-C’s first single “Came Along Way” captures his journey from neglected child to Winnipeg’s favourite son. It features Charlie Fettah, Heatbag Records’ lyrical prize-fighter, who’s had a similar life story. The song is produced by Canadian Aboriginal Music Award winner Big Stomp.

Jon-C Has also worked With Some of Canada's Newest up and Comers, With Features on over 10 Released Cd’s.


RezOfficials "Work" Mixtape (2008)
Dj Vlad And BDJ Records NorthernNightmare" Mixtape
Brick By Brick Canadian Compalation" (2008)
Vibez The Man Of The Evening" (2008)
Peg Citys Finest The Streets Is Gold" Mixtape Vol.1 (2007)
Live Or Die 08" Mixtape (2008)
The M.I.C The Specialist Mixtape (2008)
SnoFlake Mizz Peg City" (2007)
Heatbag Records Presents N.S.H.B Vol.1" (2007)
Heatbag Records Presents Weight Junkies" (2008)
Heatbag Records Presents The Lost Tapes" Mixtape (2008)

Set List

I Came Along Way Ft.Charlie Fettah - Time 4:03
Hate The Game - Time 3:38
Northside Swag - Time 3:44
Rydin Ft. Brooklyn - Time 4:18
Hard Life - Time 2:46
Stand Up - Time 3:08
U Cant Test Me - Time 4:37
Still Paving a Way - Time 3:02
We The Only NorthSide - Time 3:26
You Wanna Fight Me - Time 3:29

Total Time 0:27:03