Jon Conover

Jon Conover

 Chicago, Illinois, USA

Jon Conover has performed live and in the studio with some of the top musicians and producer in the industry. Jon has the ability to sell out venues in several states across the Nation and in Ireland. His latest album has earned major radio play in Europe, Australia and the U.S. and he's great live.


Jon Conover and his band have been and continue to be featured performers all across the Midwest, California and Ireland, including festivals like the Fall Harvest Festival in Galena, IL, Palermo's Wine Festival in Milwaukee, WI, World's Largest Brat Festival in Madison WI, Summer on South Port in Chicago, IL, Mendota Sweet Corn Festival in Mendota IL and the famous Cambridge Oyster Festival in Galeway Ireland. Jon's work ethic and dedication to his craft, combined with a passion and natural talent for creating meaningful music, have earned him the reputation as a top performer. Conover performs regularly at popular venues all around Chicagoland, Wisconsin, Indianapolis, St. Louis, Cleveland and Los Angeles, just to name a few. Jon performs as a solo acoustic act as well as with some of the most well-known musicians in the industry, including names like producer and pianist, Ed Roth (Sophie B. Hawkins, Peter Frampton), world famous drummer, Kenny Aronoff (John Mellencamp, John Fogerty), guitar virtuoso, Linda Taylor (Edwin McCain, Who's Line Is It Anyway), groove master bass player, Andrew Ford (Whitney Houston) and top industry drummer, Steve Stephens (Janet Jackson, The Brothers Johnson).

His love for music grew from his early interest in songwriting and songwriters. What began as jotting down thoughts and memories became the single most important creative outlet in Jon’s life. Some of these songs earned Jon recognition from industry professionals out of Nashville, Tennessee, when he was still in high school.

Several of Jon’s songs tell stories depicting his travels throughout the U.S. and Europe, giving insight into the people and places he encountered. Originally from the Midwest, Jon has also lived in Ireland and California where he made his living as a musician. The different cultures have served as a wellspring of inspiration and are reflected in his music. The bulk of material for Conover’s new album, Make it Til November, was written while journeying through the historic towns and rugged coastlines of Ireland and the drastically varied areas of California.

Jon’s first full length album, Into the Blue, was recorded and released in Chicago, IL, in 2006. His most current album was recorded in Los Angeles, CA, and was produced by famed artist and producer, Ed Roth. Ed also performed on the album, showcasing his abilities on the piano as well as on the Wurlitzer and B3 Organ. Other musicians featured on the album include Kenny Aronoff (drums), Linda Taylor (guitars) and Andrew Ford (bass). Conover has performed at venues all across the United States as well as many venues in Ireland. Jon’s fan base continues to increase in numbers, helping him draw large crowds when he performs.

Vocally, you will hear a blend of rock, blues and soul that reflects his training in gospel singing. The lyrics to each of his songs are meant to inspire hope and provoke thought. This is music that is meant to be listened to and will not be fully appreciated unless given the proper amount of attention.


Into the Blue, 2006
Make it Til November, 2010

Set List

(Into the Blue)
1. Nowhere but here
2. Life Line
3. City Lights
4. If the Wind Blew
5. Wouldn’t Get Very Far
7. Willing to Wait
8. Into the Blue
9. Climbing Trees
10. The Way it Was
11. I Can’t Say Goodbye

(Make it Til November)
12. California Goodbye *
13. By Your Side*
14. Higher Ground*
15. Coming Home*
16. Mr. Grey*
17. How God Chooses*
18. Need you again*
19. Not All for Nothing*
20. Woman or the Wind*

(Other Originals)
21. Crazy Times
22. This is Time, Love, War
23. Dead Tree Bloom
24. Make it til November
25. Always the same
26. Iceberg
27. When it all comes down
28. Carry On
29. Next to Me
30. Circus Before the Show
31. Autumn Leaves

(Cover Songs)
32. Crazy Love (Van Morrison)
33. Brown Eyed Girl (Van Morrison)
34. One (U2)
35. Mary Jane (T. Petty)
36. Hallelujah (L. Cohen)
37. Across the Universe (Beatles)
38. Drift Away (Dobie Gray)
39. Two (Ryan Adams)
40. Rocket Man (E. John)
41. Learning to Fly (T. Petty)
42. Don’t thi