Jon Content

Jon Content

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When the son hits the earth just fell a warmth. What you hear out of the artist known as Jon Content is that exact moment...


Jonathan "Jon Content" Adams is an up and coming hip hop artist with a versatile style and flow. Not only is he a rapper, he is also a producer. Content specializes in conscience and Christian rap. However, one can find just about any genre of music while listening to this artist. It is not a far reach to say that he has something to offer to every audience. With roots in the church he uses his music to spread "The Word". While different life events have lent him the voice to rap about experience. Content will soon be releasing his first album, "The Appetizer." However, now you may be able to hear his music on the mixtape, "Songz in Tha Key of Christ." This artist refuses to stick to a certain formula of making music, which keeps the listener on their toes. Truly a lover of music, Content attempts to incorporate everything of and about music into his work. It is easy to say that if you love music, you will definitely love this artist. "The Appetizer" is coming soon, get fed. For more on and about this artist check out ~R. Thompson


"Songs in The Key of Christ Mixtape"(2006)
"The Appetizer Demo" (2006)
Window to My Mind-J.Griff (2006)