Jon Cornwall

Jon Cornwall

 Halifax, Nova Scotia, CAN

Distinct, hooky, memorable lyrics & melodies, tunes range from folk to pop to world to country. Multiple ECMA showcases, finalist in Q107 Songwriting Comp, appeared on Atlantic Airwaves, & with Ron Sexsmith & Jimmie Rankin. Second self produced album (co-producer JP Cormier) to be released April 15


Growing up Jon studied the piano (Royal Conservatory), and as a teenager picked up the guitar and started writing tunes. He cites artists including the Grateful Dead, Paul Simon, Neil Young, CSNY, the Indigo Girls, Pearl Jam, and the Everly Brothers among his influences. Since then Jon has played all over the maritimes as a duo through the second half of the 90's, and as a full Jam Band traveled much of Canada and through some of the US. More recently and either solo or with his current roster of musicians which includes DJ Timmons (Arlibido), Aran Hill (Dwight D'Eon/Never), Neil MacQuarrie (High Plains Drifter, Aaron MacDonald Band), and Seth Fraser Jon has just finished recording his second album, 'Faster These Days', to be released officially on April 15th.
Lately in addition to performing his own solo shows here and there, Jon has been invited to open shows for Ron Sexsmith, Jimmy Rankin, Lennie Gallant, Steve Poltz, JP Cormier, Kim Stockwood, Dave Gunning and more.
Jon has traveled and performed in Nashville, at the ECMA's, at NXNE, and has worked as a live recording engineer and produced/engineered for countless artists including Dave Bidini, Sean McCann (Great Big Sea), Gordie Sampson, Willie Nile, Dan Hill, Matt Andersen, Ron Hawkins, Ron Hynes, The Northern Pikes and more). Jon also recorded David Myles' award winning 'Live at the Carleton' album

The recorded tunes (and live performances when all band-mates are present), are generally mellow with full percussion, piano, bass and acoustic guitar driven with lots of harmonies.


"I'll come look for you when I can afford to take an opener on the road with me" -Ron Sexsmith

"You've got it, kid..." -Olga Milosovich, CBC Radio.

"You'll be humming these songs for weeks" -fan.

Of a NXNE showcase at the Rivoli, in Toronto...."It's not often you find an act that makes the crowd stop and listen for the entire time"..."A great act to catch"..."The music was powerful enough to hold everyone's attention for the entire set" -Rob Kingston, Chart Attack, at NXNE.

-Honorable mention in Billboard's Songwriting Competition, and as a finalist in Q107's Homegrown Competition

"Cornwall was awesome. Heart-drenched tunes and a great knack for the guitar. He even played a folk song in crazy 5/4 time, which spun my head. I guess all the time spent in jam bands paid off. Cornwall is a sensitive writer, very clever with a clean and sweet voice. Look out for him." -Janine Stoll,

Jon is a some-time member of Dave Marsh's True Love Rules members (piano/organ). Check out!

Jon hosts and manages the music events/performances at the Carleton in Halifax.




Written By: Jon Cornwall

She said "hey didn't I pick up where you would leave off?... and didn't I help make this home?... and didn't I provide the look that you desired... you didn't need to spend many nights alone. And Yes, there's a big diamond ring on my finger. It's beautiful... though YOU put it there. Yes, I know what it took to get that look... but at this point in my life I don't care. Because you have made me feel Dumb. You've made me feel like you don't care - and you've made me feel lowly - Like I wasn't even there - and I feel you've put me down - you made me feel that I hold you back - and that you wished I weren't around - that you were under attack".

He said "I believe that love has been lost around here. We've been having coffee side by side alone. While the kids go to school, to get their jobs to pay the tax - I hope they afford themselves to relax. And all in all in all - I believe that we've worked together well; though, for so many damn years I don't recall"... she cut me off right there she said "you're not using the right words at all.

That was them and their song.
It's not ours, it's all wrong.
I read in a book that every song needs a hook - while you and I: You and I tend to ramble on and on and on and on and on

Baby - I don't know what to say.
This kind of shit runs in my family anyway. Of myself I don't know much more than I did five years before. And like sooo many of our friends we have so many role models for what not to do... like, don't get bigger locks for a bigger box, just to make sure no one talks... and all the lies they disguise with alibis are not so wise... I will not do that to you.

You will never feel dumb....

If I Go

Written By: Jon Cornwall

If I go, and you don't - what am I gonna have to say to ease the squeeze while I am away? Will you wait right there? Or be played to disrepair?
It's a fine line that I cross to rhyme... though on my dime I am loosing my mind... but I can't pipe down... I hear music abound...
My jilted tongue it is not for fun, and it's not funny. I've got two left feet - I'm spinning round and round in circles and I've got a hoarse/horse voice from hollaring 'naaaay buddy'. but now that I've fallen down I can safely say that I would do it all again.

Well I packed you tight. And we boarded the flight. 12 hours colder I thought 'what if someone stoled her... sold her from my heart? I'll find the case unlatched with all the strings attached..." Sympathy - no, not for me. I can hold my head up high and kiss the sky and wave goodbye to some really tough times - and those 'I call your bluff' rhymes.


1996 Jon Cornwall 'Sticks and Stones' (Solo album)
2003 Wooderson (Jon's band) 'Demos'
2004 Theresa Tova - 'Live at the Top 'O the Senator' (as producer)
2005 Phillipe Noireaux (as producer)
2006 Folds Of Policy (as producer)
2007 Air Guitar In Oulu (music contributer, soundtrack co-producer)
2011 David Myles 'Live at the Carleton'
2012 Jon Cornwall 'Faster These Days' - In Progress

Set List

Original Songs Include:
State Of The Art
Faster These Days
Heavy Hand
Been So Long
I Let You Down
When It Comes Down
If I Go
Outta Here
From The World Of
Lip Down
Do I Look Like Home To You?
Fine One Day
He and She
Sticks & Stones
Good Man/Go Along
Good Song

Covers, though rarely performed include songs by

Steely Dan
Nina Simone
Fleetwood Mac
Van Morrisson
Neil Young
Bob Dylan
Led Zepplin